Middle Frontend Developer (React)


Job #43
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We are looking for a Frontend Developer to join our team.

About the project:

The project will be a complex system with 3 different products integrated in 1 solution. The product will be built for internal use of a real state acquisition company within different departments: construction, analyst, and inspection teams. The product will help the analysts form the acquisition model of the property. The inspection people would use their part to form the results of the walk troughs on the property, and the construction teams would form the renovation budgets through developing a scope of work and using the materials database to understand the cost of all works. The product will also help the team to align and get approves within the company hierarchical structure, which would speed up all the business processes within the company, The system will use external sources data as well as also have an integration with google maps, Zillow, ML elements. We are to build it from scratch, working on FE, BE, our new design, testing it, and constantly improving and adding new features after the MVP stage is done.


  • Javascript
  • React
  • Bootstrap, Material-UI
  • TypeScript
  • State management libraries (Redux, MobX)
  • Web basics (HTTP, CORS, Cookies, HTML5)
  • Intermediate English

What We Offer

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  • English courses and Speaking Club with a native speaker
  • Opportunities for professional and career growth
  • Participation in specialized conference events
  • Work in a friendly and experienced team
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Paid vacation, paid sick leave
  • Flexible schedule
  • 20 vacation days per year
  • 3 English classes per week
  • 8/5 work schedule (8h/5d)
  • coffee, tea, milk and lemons
  • 5 activities every month