Agile development team - new progressive methodology or fashionable trend

There are a lot of different variants of working process in the modern business world. One of the most popular is agile technology. The main concept of the agile development team working process is the next: the development process consists of the short cycles called iterations with duration of 1 to 4 weeks; the result for each iteration goes to the client through the application or its part that is possible to use in business; the development team collaborates with a client during the whole project; if it is necessary the changes will be welcome and quickly get in working. There are thousands of teams all-over-the-world that are using the agile methodology.


Some benefits and features from the agile development team

The client could look through and see all the details and each iteration result of the collaboration process to make a decision about its applicability when the development team chooses the agile methodology for working process. It is the main advantage of agile. The absence of the fixed results features gets the problem of identifying the necessary time and labor resources for the agile development team.

The premises for the agile appearing are the next:

  • The client couldn’t form the stable requirements for the software
  • New technologies makes the level of the competition higher and the new methodologies comes to the business
  • The collaboration process was uncomfortable for the client and developers

The agile development team mention that the main idea of this methodology tells that the collaboration with the client is more important than the contractual obligations. That’s why the agile technology comes to minimize the documentation volume. And this helps the client pay only for results and save money.

When and what way of collaboration with agile development team

The agile methodology is preferable for big or long-term projects that are necessarily be adopted for the market changes. The requirements could be changed during the cooperation way. The agile development team tells that the important points for choosing this form of working are the next:

  • the users’ needs change constantly in the dynamic business
  • the price of such collaboration will be lower for often increments
  • the only planning is significant for project start

The choice is each company decision but it should be based on arguments and comes after detailed analysis and conversation between the company leadership.