Android app development company - the main stages of the development process in details

The Android operating system is very popular for using. The statistics show that the most popular operating systems are Android and iOS. It depends on the country and its peculiar properties what the most usable is. That’s why it is very profitable and necessary for a business to create an application for this operating systems. Sometimes the android app development company is not a separate one and offers the application development for other operating systems (when it is about native development) or cross-platform development. The choice is for the CEO or company owner. It depends on the market, target audience, financial possibilities.


Android application development by oneself

There are a lot of situations when the company wants to create the android application but don’t have money for the IT-company service. There are a lot of Internet manuals, online guides and even free products for android mobile application development. So some companies decided not to spend a lot of money and just create the applications without android app development company.  There are the benefits of this way of development:

  • no necessity in a great amount of money
  • no risks about irresponsible or dishonest executive company
  • all the wishes could be realized in the work result
  • new skills for the company employees

Main points in cooperation with android app development company

This way of getting the application for Android is effortless and profitable. There are a lot of specialists all-over-the-world that could realize all the wishes of the companies. There are the different price for such service which, as a rule, depends on the situated country of the company and the professional level of the developer. Also, there are a lot of freelancers that could work even better than the android app development company for the similar price.

There are the main stages of the Android application development:

  • fixed aims and main purposes for the future application
  • market analysis for the choice of main originality features of the application
  • the choice of the implementer - looking for portfolio, comments of the cooperation, price list, the direction and spheres of the company’s projects, work conditions etc.
  • questions and details about cooperation
  • the technical task filling
  • work process for getting the result
  • after-developing cooperation

There are some general features that could be changed for every occasion. To sum up, the choice between android app development company and oneself developing due to the company possibilities but there is no ideal decision.