Android mobile application development - to work with a professional company or use special platforms for development by oneself

The business becomes more and more online day by day. Almost all the segments of world market are possible to be promoted on the Internet. The purposes of the Internet became wider and people all-over-the-world use their devices every day for a lot of aims. The creation of the application is one of the steps of the modern company activity. There are some differences of the devices operating systems but due to the statistics, the most popular is Android operating system. There are different variants for the android mobile application development. A lot of companies get the special service of the application development.

Android mobile application development: This variant of getting app has its benefits

  • quality is guaranteed by the company-implementer
  • there is a lot of companies to choose one that is the most suited
  • android mobile application development companies has an opportunity for such work and could avoid mistakes and problems
  • there are additional services of application development and post-development support or consultation

If the choice is the android mobile application development company, so there are the team that would realize all your wants. As a rule, the project team consists of 6-10 persons - project manager, marketing manager, designer, art director, technical director, programmers and test engineer. All of them works for the part of the application development to work out all the details and create some different variants to the customer requirements. By the way, you may check this article about how to build a software development team


There are some main points of android mobile application development company work that should be paid attention:

  • Analyses. There is about the market analyses and detailed target audience inquiry. This point helps to find the risks and probable bugs at the development stage.
  • Prototype creating. This part of work helps to find the mistakes that wouldn’t cost a lot. There is much profitable to detect the lapses at the prototyping stage.
  • Technical task. The technical task filling step is the most important point at the android mobile application development.  There should be mentioned all the details. This helps the programmers to realize all the wishes of the customer and develop the useful and well-aimed application.

The other variant of android mobile application development is to do it bн oneself of the company. There could be cheaper only at the short-term analyses but it is the best variant for the companies that don’t have money for the special company. To study development and try to realize the company’s needs could help the next services:

  • My-apps
  • Net2share
  • FlipCat
  • Mobium Apps
  • Wix

There are some free platforms with different functions. Some of them offer ready templates for developing, some - only gets the main recommendations and the great space for developing.


There is the choice of the company that is based on the aims, possibilities, and opinions. The main is try to analyze and predict the effect of the android mobile application development. This could help to minimize costs and have the profit in shorter time period.