Dedicated development team - main features and model type of working process

At the modern world, the product development order for some specialized company is the normal and profitable situation. There are two main collaboration models for the realization of such project - project-based and team based forms. The first type is characterized by fixed price, work aims, and the cooperation finishes at the step of the product realization. The second type, where the dedicated development team is typical form, is good for long, complex projects because the price and investitions could be changed during the collaboration for getting a great result. Also the team based model is better for its process - when the team that is inspired by the project work for it the result would be worked out in details.


Main project types for better working with dedicated development team

There are projects which would be necessary to maintenance for a long time. There could be mentioned the next features of such project type realization:

  1. there are some short product releases that would be workable, ready for supply and there would be progressively add-developed for the functional possibilities
  2. such releases are the great motivator points for the dedicated development team that is interested in keeping the planned deadlines
  3. there is no psychological requirement to hire the problems from the client for this team that makes possible to embed improvements in a short time period

The important points are also the pay process - it realizes for the finishing each of deadline positions and the client access to the code and project details.

There are benefits of working with a dedicated development team for the client - there is no necessity to recruit the development team and testing specialists, the financial and labor economy for the next features: time and budget for the team employment, workplaces organization, newbies education etc.


Main benefits of working with dedicated development team

As a rule, the development process is continuous during the period of its being. After the first version of the web product there comes second, third and more editions upgrading the functional and improve the different features. The best variant is to continue collaborating with dedicated development team because they have the full data about different stages and peculiar properties of the product and the updating process is not the separate tasks realization.