How to manage a software development team - advice, recommendations, stages to the great result

Management is very important part of the company activity. It could cause damage to the whole process, or for the simple employees that are the chain links. On the other side, the management is like very hard science that is needed for the effective company and team work. There is some advice that could make the management process easy understanding, but the real results couldn’t be predicted on the 100% because the only realization would show the results.

10 steps that helps to answer how to manage a software development team

The great team is not the simple group of people and even not the group of the professionals. The communication could influence a lot of the team results because e.g. modern development company product is the part of the different department works. There is the list of some steps to build the great team:

  • how to manage a software development team - to look for not only clever employees and just for their communicative skills. It is very important skill for the teamwork
  • try to predict the sympathy inside the team - this could be realized by the different methodologies, try some of them for understand the team relationships
  • often for the question how to manage PHP software development company the authorities tell that the best team is the combination of the great friends and newbies

Other great advice how to manage a software development team

  • other great advice how to manage a software development team is to create the team spirit by the company successful story - it make the workers more motivated, inspired and even adherent
  • there is a necessity of the fixed aims for the effective teamwork. When the workers know the direction and the main purpose the work process goes quickly and more qualitative
  • the next of the how to manage a software development team steps is the role distribution between the team members, e.g. between the software development departments - sales, marketing, developers, testing engineers, designers etc.
  • the main attention should be paid to the quality or the work process. The time of the work process and stages is not the main feature for the estimation and company result
  • one more advice to answer how to manage a software development team is to mix it with the women and men. There are the psychological differences between the different sexes and its influence on the process and the whole results.


It is very important to understand the management role for the whole company production. Paying the necessary attention for the worker’s relationships and communication could avoid the mistakes, losses and improve the production level.