Mobile application design and development - main stages and their description

Mobile application design and development  is very hard and labour-consuming process which finally gets ready programming product. It could include different functions due to the purposes of the creating the application. This operation often is making by special agencies or companies that should help you to realize all your needs. Let’s look into details for the stages of the application development process.


The first 5 stages of mobile application design and development

  1. Technical task. First of all the company should directly fix the purposes of the application and form the information about target audience in much more details. Also, this stage consists of making the list of the tasks that should be realized by the application. The results of this stage are very important for the whole process of mobile application design and development so the lot of attention should be paid on it. Time frames, financial questions, and the work contract - all of these points should be discussed at this stage.
  2. Design UI / UX. This stage contains the creation of application prototype that is the realization of the functions mentioned at the technical task, think about the algorithms of users’ communication with the app and all icons, buttons etc. The result of this stage is the scheme with all the screens and description with functionality, user behavior scripts and the connection between the covers.
  3. Creating a design concept. At this stage, the design for the application should be created. There could be some variants in order to choose the more preferable one.
  4. Drawing all screens. After the approval of the variant, this stage consists of the detailed mobile application design and development, all the buttons, icons - all that is need to be created by web designers.
  5. Application development. At this stage the application should be ready for using by clients and is presented like an interactive working model that would successfully work. By the way, if you want found a iPhone application development company - check this article.

Mobile application design and development: testing/retesting processes and App Store/Play Market

  • Testing. During some period the application is being tested for mistakes detection. The result of this stage is the list of mistakes that should be corrected and also it may include client’s wishes or directions.
  • Checkout. During the process of mobile application design and development it couldn’t predict all the specifications of the application view or functionality. That’s why at this stage all corrections are realized for making the app for the best.
  • Retesting. This stage should check all details of the application work and include testing as many details as there were developed. After the retesting, it is the application for using by customers.
  • Create application icons. Finally, the stage of the mobile application design and development is the detailed drawing and creating icons for all devices with testing for choosing the best variants for different types of devices.
  • Launch the App Store or Play Market. The last one is launching the application to the mobile stores or markets (depends on OS) that could need some time because of checking the application for different options.