Offshore android application development or iOS - what is more profitable and useful

There are different operating systems for the mobile devices today, but the most popular are Android and iOS. Each of it has its own benefits and drawbacks but there is the concrete inequalities. E.g. the offshore android application development products get the 80% of the market due to the statistics. But there is not the reason to say that the iOS is not popular and usable.

Comparison of offshore android application development and iOS development products and process

Choice of the platform for application development is rather important part and the wrong variant could cause the misunderstandings with the target audience or even the additional spendings. And of course the vital point is the developer’s level. To get the answer about what to choose - iOS or Android there were asked the developers and form the several features to make the comparison.

  • Development environment. The Apple Xcode is very comfort for users, high-speed working, flexible and powerful. It becomes better and better - all for developer’s convenience. The information from the offshore android application development specialists shows that Eclipse is slowly, contains of the number of plugins, and it is not searching for the bugs like Xcode.
  • Design. The Apple IDE has beautiful and simple interface, but has no icon set, so it is necessary to use third-party services for its drawing. The Android IDE has some harder interface, but it is difficult to develop for large amount of screen shapes. To contrast the Apple has only 3 screen sizes.
  • Sharing point. The possibility of sharing the information with the social networks is vital nowadays. The Android applications has Intents that helps to interact between services. Also Android is loyal for the data sharing. The Apple has longer code but the possibilities are realized at the same level.
  • Language. The offshore web application development uses as a rule the Java, the iOS developers - Objective-C.  Java has simple language and has the special tool to fix the bugs. The Objective-C has longer code but it is more clear and not a long time ago it added with the bug fixing service too.
  • Application publication. The algorithm for the Android applications is rather simple and easy. The Eclipse helps to pack the app to the apk format and the period of publication could starts from the hour. There is possible to get detailed analytics and crash-reports. The App Store needs more time for checking and testing. That’s because the Apple pay a lot attention for the security.

Offshore android application development - summarizing the results

There are different points of comparison and different points of view. The only right position couldn’t be. Target audience, purposes of the application and of course the budget are important facts. And e.g. offshore android application development specialists could be named as persons for asking the advice.