Offshore asp net development - history of creating and general information

There are a lot of different technologies that was occurred for the web pages and services developing by the Microsoft. The progress in all spheres of the human being makes necessary the refreshing the functions and opportunities of technologies and methodologies. Due to the offshore asp net development specialists, the latest version of ASP.NET is the 5th edition with a lot of updates. At the beginning, the name was the other one - XSP because at that time the letter X was in the XML name.

Offshore asp net development - peculiar properties and some facts about

The ASP.NET begins with the old technology Microsoft ASP but not it has a lot of differences. First of all, the offshore asp net development specialists have an ability to code for using all the programming languages from the .NET Framework like C#, Visual Basic.NET, and JScript.NET. The speed of this technology is rather higher that the script technologies. The reason is the code compilation and saving in the special cash that allows missing the parsing, optimization and another process subsequently.

There is a list of facts from the offshore asp net development professionals about the ASP.NET:

  1. The ASP.NET could integrate with .NET Framework
  2. The ASP.NET code is compilated opposite to interpretation
  3. The ASP.NET could work with some languages
  4. The ASP.NET is served by the CLR
  5. The ASP.NET is oriented to the object technology
  6. The ASP.NET could work with a lot of gadgets and browsers
  7. The ASP.NET is easy to configure

There are only the main points about this technology and not the rule for work with or obligation, just an advice.

Offshore asp net development - possibilities and benefits

All the technologies have its own benefits and peculiar qualities. The ASP.NET is not the exception and there are some features about it.

  • The compiled code is realized quickly and an amount of bugs are mentioned at the development stage
  • Using the blocks try catch help to analyze the mistakes during the program running
  • User controls allow mentioning the mostly frequent templates like the website menu
  • Using the metaphors that have already been realized at the Windows applications like the elements of control and events
  • The extended set of  the control elements and libraries of the classes let to increase the speed of creation the application
  • The built-in possibility to work with AJAX
  • The possibility to divide the visual and logic parts for two separate files named “code behind”

The offshore asp net development is full of specialists that make all the necessary tasks connected with the ASP.NET so it is no obligation to recruit the newbie when the company needs to work with this technology.

Offshore asp net development