Offshore development best practices - main points and world’s position

Due to the statistics, the outstaffing service becomes popular and almost 60% of the international companies using such type of work and 10% are in doubts and think about start using the outstaffing. The offshore development best practices show the progress in the FMGG, medicine and banking area and there are mostly using the working type that is mentioned above. The period of the economy crisis, economical falls is the usual reason for the costs decrease way looking for.


Tips from the offshore development best practices companies

There is a wide range of the proposals at the outstaffing market so the choice is not the easy point. There are some rules from the “experienced” companies about choosing the optimal outstaffing company with minimal risks:

  1. Look for the company clients - the lack of the big international offshore website development companies is the bad signal.
  2. Ask for the last 2-year experience and work processes of the outstaffing company. In the client absence for this period, the offshore development best practices companies advise to choose the other one.
  3. Ask for some customer contacts to get the recommendations and review from them.
  4. Look for the outstaffing firm activity and the year of its foundation. It is not the guarantee, but as additional information will be a great point for analyzing.
  5. Look for the supplementary services that are provided by the company for costs minimization. E.g. of the offshore development best practices - personal manager, a form of payment for the concrete goals etc.
  6. Request the lawyer of the company - this point could help to avoid the tax and legal problems.

Advice from offshore development best practices for motivation the outstaff workers

The motivation side of the outstaffing form of workers is rather important for the results. The lack of attention for such features could gain the great losses. There are some tips about the motivation increasing from the offshore development best practices:

  • the ability to reach the high level of the professional skills and come to the regular staff
  • control the work process permanently and tell the problems and necessary corrections to avoid the breach of the contract
  • a scale of awards and premiums could make the work process productive

Finally, the outstaffing is the effective tool for business processes optimization through the way of decreasing the regular employees’ amount, decrease the costs for personal, raising the motivation of the workers. The main offshore development best practices mentioned benefits are the worker high quality and taxes minimization.