Offshore software development outsourcing - main facts and important points

There are a lot of different technologies that could be used for developing the web applications like Java Servlets, Java Server Page, PHP, ASP.NET, Node.js etc. Due to the offshore software development outsourcing specialists, the web applications realize business logic on the server side and generate a code for the client. This means that the client, as a rule, has no serious resources for the data analyzing on the server.

The specialists from the offshore software development outsourcing about technology choice role

The protocol for interactions between server and a client is PHP. There are three main stages of the application work process:

  • Client request. The browser initiates the inquiry to the server part of the web application.
  • Server analysis of the request. After getting an inquiry the server of the application starts the data analyze.
  • A) if the requested facility is static like the HTML page, image, document the information will format due to the HTTP protocol and will get as a response to the client
  • B) if the requested facility is dynamic the request will go to the necessary server application for analyzing the inquiry parameters
  • The answer to the client. After the request analysis and response forming the data comes to the browser through the HTTP protocol.

This application development way has some drawbacks, one of which is the lack of the stateless programming form of an app that means an absence of the connection between the steps. For making the process of web application development a bit complicated type the professionals use different frameworks.

The choice of the web application development technology is the part of the project manager work and depends on the number of points - from the different resources to the company abilities. The offshore software development outsourcing proposes a lot of variants for collaborating and developers choice. Different applications and ideas need various programming languages, ways of creating etc. Nowadays there are no doubts about the web application importance and there is a great choice for the firms all-over-the-world that could help to realize all the wishes in the tech world. E.g. when the company wants to have the employee in the state that will work with corporate web app or software there is no vital to recruit the newbie and spend a lot of money for education. The better variant is to collaborate with offshore software development outsourcing company to pay for high-qualified workers and results.

Some facts about the server part of the application from the offshore software development outsourcing

There are two ways to the web application creation for different platforms:

  • a) code forming in the concrete text format and
  • b) code embed to the fixed templates. First way gets a wide range of abilities to production increase. The second variant uses the templates of the pages that males real to insert the code parts to it.

The offshore software development outsourcing uses different technologies due to the aims and resources. It would be rather profitable to work with such companies because as a rule there are experienced and well-productive partners.