PHP software development company - benefits, drawbacks and work peculiarities

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is the most popular programming language for the Internet. It was projected by Rasmus Lerdorf by the way of creating the instrument for dynamic and interactive websites development. PHP software development company specialized on the programming language that is flexible and powerful. That is the main reason of its popularity and is widely used in a number of projects development from the simple blog to the huge web application on the Internet.


Benefits of the PHP software development company products

The PHP programming language has a lot of advantages that makes it the most usable and convenient for developers. There is the list of pros:

  • PHP language is a free software with the special license called PHP license
  • PHP programming language is very easy for acquirement at all stages
  • PHP software development company product could be used in the isolated environment
  • there are a lot of libraries and additions of the PHP programming language
  • PHP language has an advanced database support
  • PHP software development product could be rolled out almost on all services
  • PHP language is supported by a number of users and developers
  • PHP programming language is close a full replacing proprietary environment ASP from the Microsoft
  • PHP language proposes to the developers the native resources for web sessions organization and program interface additions
  • PHP programming language is adopted for a lot of hardware platforms and operating systems

Drawbacks of using the products of PHP software development company

There are some shortcomings of this programming language. The biggest part of it depends on the separately market spheres and should be mentioned at the stage of data collecting. The list of the cons about PHP programming language consist of:

  • PHP language is not for the desktop applications or system components development
  • there are some troubles for the exceptions work
  • PHP software development company products often have a problem with the security
  • the objects at the PHP language programming are sent by the meaning, not by the links as programmers get used to

Due to the statistics and analytical data, the PHP programming language is installed on more than 40% of all websites that was analyzed. The most known of the projects that used PHP are Yahoo, Facebook, Google, NASA, W3C etc.