Software development outsourcing specialists about the work process and methodologies

There are a lot of different development companies all-over-the-world. And there a lot of methodologies for organizing the working process. The software development outsourcing specialists mention two mostly using model that are used in their companies. Of course, the choice of the working model is the individual decision of every CEO or business owner, but there are benefits, drawbacks and even recommendations for using concrete methodology.

Main data about the RAD model from the software development outsourcing company

The first model that is mentioned is the RAD model - one of the varieties of the incremental model. At the RAD model, the components or functions are developing by some high-qualified teams of developers at the same time like some mini-projects. The one cycle time resources are fixed. The working modules are integrated to the one prototype.The synergetic gets the possibility to show to the client some minimum element to make some changes and get the feedback from the client.

Due to the software development outsourcing companies experience, there are some stages of the RAD development model:

  1. Business-modelling
  2. Data modelling
  3. Process modeling
  4. Application development
  5. Testing

The RAD model is advised to be used by the companies with high-qualified developers and highly specialized architects. The budget of the project should be big and ready for paying the quality of workers but the time period for such development could be 2-3 months.

The software development outsourcing specialists about the Agile model

Working the Agile model means that each iteration is finished by the client’s result looking for and getting the feedback. It is one of the greatest benefits of this model. The drawback is the lack of the fixed result meanings and the labor spendings for the development process are not easy to be calculated. The software development outsourcing companies tell about the extreme programming (XP) as the most popular usage of the agile model.

The main elements of such working type are daily meetings called “Scrum” and regular insights (every week, every month etc.) called “sprint”. The points for discussion at the daily meetings are next:

  • the results from the last scrum moment - detailed report for mentioned time period
  • list of the realization tasks for the next period
  • difficulties that happened during the last week working process

As the software development outsourcing specialists tell, the Agile is better to use in the situation when the user’s needs are changing dynamically, the projects could have a lot of changes (the Agile could save money due to the often increments). The main difference from the waterfall model is that for starting work process at this model only the planning is necessary to be realized.