Tracking app development - helpful product or fashionable trend

The control process is as important as the result or even main purpose of the product. The meticulous analyze during the project stages or even routine work could help to avoid the mistakes, premise bugs and even save the money. Tracking app development is one of the ways to collect information about the work process. There could be used in the different situations with different targets but the data from this applications have a really great power and have influence at the lot of processes and end-products.

Tracking app development - purposes and main features

The tracking applications could be used for the legal and illegal, personal and public, working or leisure aims. Tracking app development is very useful for collecting data and analyze it. There are different types for purposes of these applications:

  • sport - this application type collects the data about sports activity e.g. daily amount of steps, cardio information
  • work process - this application type “spies” for the whole work process and compile the details and whole info pack about an activity of the employees
  • child control - this application type gathers and forms reports about children’s actions during computer using and Internet surfing
  • researches - this tracking app development product collects the detailed data about the target object, auditory or focus group - all that is need for the analysis
  • financial operations - this application type searches for the all financial processes that are important for a user and aim to be picked (for example E-commerce website development)
  • social media - this tracking app development product looks for the user activity at the different social networks
  • time - this application type accumulates the information about the time that is spent for different mentioned purposes
  • task status and progress - this application type collects all details about tasks, its progress and helps to optimize the work process
  • bug search - this tracking app development product searches for the mistakes or problem fields at the target point

Tracking app development - who is the target audience

There are four main target segments that are interested in using the products of tracking app development:


  • parents - they want to be informed about their children’s activity and computer processes
  • employers - they want to be informed about the workers time spending, activity of the company equipment and program software
  • government - the main aim is to prevent terrorism, accidents and danger situations
  • users - illegal methods of getting data from the marketing researchers