What is new in the web and mobile app development tools world?

If you face such a question it seems it’s difficult to find right answer. From one hand the market of web and mobile app development is growing and very perspective one. From other hand if you want to find something new within app development issue borders on principle, it would be almost impossible because whole basic functional things are found already and realized in a great number of projects. The difference is only in instrument price and usability. Last one is a habit issue anyway. So news mostly tells us more about adjacent areas than about tools exactly. Let’s follow this flow because there is possible to get a lot of interesting information there too.

Web and mobile app development | You should know little more than programming

Few years ago the number of application at Play Market reached a million. It was happy unconcerned time of Angry Birds and other simple mobile games. Now the situation is changed, the demand is outgrowing supply and it means if you enter the web development and design market with own new product you have to be ready for fighting. Sure if you have advertisement budget with six-digit sums it wouldn’t be great problem but maybe then you wouldn’t storm this market as novice. The experts advice “partially organic” way of app promotion then. It would demand some investment from developer but with well-organized monetary policy this method will compensate itself from the start stages. So it consists in outsource involvement, the company, which works in app promotion, will create case with options approved by developer. Such as if the user has to just download an app or also use it, if the user has to leave a comment at Play Market or AppStore and so on. The developer pays some money to the user (it’s usually nominal payment) for every action.It’s basical option of web and mobile app development. Everyone will be pleased. As a result the application would reach top positions in the ratings. If the developer skillfully takes the opportunity to place advertisement during the promotion company he would compensate his spending for sure. So don’t be afraid of outsource promotion. It can be useful.

Good experience from web and mobile app development experts

If your first step in web and mobile app development business have been done long time ago if you are not a lonely developer but a famous IT company even then experience from market monster – Facebook – would be a good lesson that says don’t allow to spam bots disturbing your audience. The innovation from Facebook, which was presented at F8 conference this April, could changes popularity of its messenger because of spam as the company gave an open platform to developers with integration opportunities. It’s clear that someone uses this possibility for virus marketing the Facebook users would be drown with spam messages that will influence to social media network negative for sure. So the company published the formalized code of rules this week that would regulate behavior of apps that use Send/Receive API issue. It’s more actual if take into account the fact that developer could create a subscriber robot as well and the only defence way before was just block from the user side.

Summary of web and mobile app development 

So all developers, who want to work with the platform, have to send their project for approving process. Facebook undertakes to give answer within 5 days. If someone has working project already it has to be approved as well but within 6 months. The defence policy includes such points:

  1. The app can answer to users who initiate the dialog only, it can happen only within 24 hours and robot has right only for one repeat request again;
  2. The subscription messaging is possible only for specific subjects and with permission, of course;
  3. The app has to be approved from Facebook side;  

The authors called this issue similar to Asimov’s Three Rules of Robotics. Let’s referee to readers if it’s true. But it’s really good trend in web and mobile app development market that shows a social orientation towards users rights.