Industries We Serve

We combine technology with deep domain and industry expertise. Innovate your niche with custom software tailored to the specific business needs.

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Our deep experience with industries helps us understand the market specifics and create software customized to a specific niche. Our goal is to help businesses exceed customers’ expectations to take a leading role in the industry.

Industries We Serve


From blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to a variety of programming languages means you manage risks, and deliver exceptional service with expert apps that transform banking and accounting.


Operate more efficiently and engage customers with a customized software solution. We help businesses find new ways to simplify the customer journey and increase sales.


Help your audience manage their healthcare needs with innovative apps and software. Conform to regulations and standards while offering a patient experience unlike others.


Innovate and transform the insurance experience. Predict customer needs, optimize customer experience, and reach out to new opportunities with new software solutions.


Media and entertainment are a driving force on the internet today. Meet your target audience where and how they want with attention-grabbing experiences beyond their expectations.


Take advantage of the Internet of Things to track everything in your supply chain. Increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and manage capacity efficiently with Data Analytics software.


Technology is how companies are distinguishing themselves in the automotive industry today. We can help you solve digital challenges with innovative software solutions that your customers will love.


Harness the power of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and other innovative technology to skyrocket your results. Let us help you capture technology to build an agricultural success story that’s efficient and effective.


We help utilities and energy companies address their strategic and operational challenges with proven, results-oriented solutions. Our mission is to help companies optimize costs and implement newest energy management strategies.

Travel & Hospitality

Connect with your guests using apps, software, and innovative technology. Jelvix provides engineering services to companies in all travel branches for better customer and employee experience.

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