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Consulting first with an industry leader before charging ahead means you work on the cutting edge of the IT ecosystem while helping to transform companies across industries through digital innovation.

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When you invest in IT consulting, you’re investing in more than a one-time technology fix. Consulting with Jelvix offers you long-term benefits that generate a substantial return on investment. Get expert advice and guidance on how your technology choices will impact your business, your customers, and your bottom line. Our technical consulting services help you figure out how to reach your business objectives without breaking your budget.


With Jelvix tech consulting, you can set up an IT environment right for your industry challenges. We will use all our experience to lead you to the result.

  • Business Analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture Advisory
  • UI/UX Design Consulting
  • Technology Strategy and Advisory Consulting
  • Data Science Consulting
  • Technical Feasibility Study
  • Integration Consulting

Our Customers

Companies around the globe, just like yours, turn to us for custom software that can set them apart from the competition. We are proud to serve as a technology partner for industry game changers and innovators.

Delivering Invaluable Consulting Expertise

  1. Safeguard your investment by validating ideas first

    Don’t risk investing in an idea you don’t know for sure will work. Consult with Jelvix to validate your IT and product ideas first, and feel confident that you’re investing cash in the right products and the right technology. Validation minimizes wasted time, money, and effort.

  2. Perfect your IT strategy

    While IT departments are excellent at their company’s business systems, they often don’t have broad and deep IT knowledge and experience. Working with an expert consultant like Jelvix helps you develop and define an IT strategy that looks beyond your company’s four walls.

  3. Choose the right technology stack

    Just because you don’t have in-house experience with today’s innovative technologies shouldn’t take them off the table. A consultant can help you choose the best new technologies to combine so your company meets its business objectives while minimizing risk.

  4. Boost business efficiency

    Partnering with a consulting expert leads to better business efficiency. Not only can you improve your users’ experience by enhancing your product, but you can easily identify improvement opportunities in your business processes and reduce risk at the same time.

Implement the Latest Tech

Our information technology consultants will help you decide which of the latest technologies will be better for your business. We will create the best implementation strategy for you and develop the right solution for your journey.

  • IoT

    Regardless of the industry, the embedded IoT devices will improve productivity, customer experience and reduce operating costs. We will design an IoT ecosystem for your needs and implement it according to the relevant international standards.

  • Blockchain

    Use blockchain encrypted P2P transactions for enhancing the security and transparency of your business operations. We will set up a blockchain system for increasing resistance to cyber threats, security of transactions and data storage.

  • AR/VR

    AR/VR technologies help to improve the customer experience and optimize such processes cross-domain. Jelvix IT consultants will help you design the AR/VR strategy, develop the product, and integrate it into your business.

  • Machine Learning

    Use ML algorithms for predicting the market, preventing failures, and optimizing the business. The specialists of our technology consulting firm will develop and train the ML model according to the needs of your business.

  • Cloud Computing

    We will help you to select the right cloud strategy for your business growth and assist in configuring and migrating the cloud infrastructure according to your needs.

  • Data Science

    Use the power of Big Data for enhancing the capabilities of your enterprise and improving customer experience. Our experts will develop the infrastructure for storing, transferring, and analyzing the data.

Why choose Jelvix IT consulting services

Uncover the right tech to raise your business to the next level with a groundbreaking strategy. Our technology consulting services will help you to create a secure transformation journey, energize legacy systems, build enterprise resilience, and enhance cybersecurity.

Technology consulting

Uncover the right tech to raise your business to the next level with a groundbreaking strategy. Our technology consulting services will help you to create a secure transformation journey, energize legacy systems, build enterprise resilience, and enhance cybersecurity.

  • Choose relevant technology
  • Prove technological feasibility `
  • Audit software quality
  • Assess software security
  • Get architecture design
  • Improve integration quality
  • Assess QA process

Business Analysis

Take advantage of Jelvix business consulting for process optimization. By considering your business and identifying the challenges, business analysts will shape your business strategy and drive profitable growth. In cooperation with IT advisors, Jelvix will assist with implementing new technologies and manage the development process.

  • Determine objectives and outcomes
  • Align IT to your business goals
  • Analyse industry and competitors
  • Create a project roadmap
  • Handle requirements management
  • Develop technical documentation

UI/UX Consulting

Take advantage of Jelvix UI/UX advisory services to create an interface corresponding to the business logic of the app. Based on the research, we will develop the design of your project to increase user engagement and optimize the customer journey.

  • Conduct user research
  • Map customer journey
  • Conduct UX workshops
  • Get low or high-fidelity prototypes
  • Conduct user testing
  • Define UI architecture

Client Testimonials

Why organizations choose Jelvix. Discover the many ways in which our clients have embraced the benefits of the Jelvix network.

Consulting Stages


    Idea generation is an essential step for businesses seeking to innovate and gain a competitive advantage. As a technology consulting company, we study, develop and complement the original idea. With us, you can go beyond the obvious and therefore increase the innovative potential of your solution.


    Scaling your ideas, product, or processes helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors in a complex marketplace. Our consulting experts dive deep into operational and financial capabilities and the potential for growth so we can suggest how best you should proceed.


    Further, we collect together all the results of various fragments of the analysis and separate the important from the unnecessary. Based on this data, we draw up a short- and long-term software implementation plan. Our consultants study existing software solutions, ways to integrate, and determine the optimal technology stack to be used in project development, team workload, constraints, timeline, and budget. We can return to previous steps if problems arise or if the client finds additional needs.


    The development and delivery of solutions are the backbones of the consulting business. The focus at this stage is to maintain the dynamics of implementation, during which we monitor the performance of work processes. This helps to identify pain points and interfering elements for their subsequent elimination. Throughout this entire process, we keep the client informed of the latest changes and milestones.


    To maximize your IT investment, you need to keep your solution refining, improving, and updating as your business grows and expands. Once the initial goals are met, our IT consultants and software engineers will identify opportunities for future improvements and help implement them.

Why Choose Jelvix

  • Transparency of processes

    Transparency in every consulting project, from gathering data to collaborating on new products, means you need not guess your project's status.

  • Working with Fortune500 companies

    Over 200 businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, have chosen Jelvix as their reliable technical partner. They are leaders in their industries, and we are able to offer them the corresponding service level.

  • We hire top 4% of the market

    Our company has high recruiting standards, and our employees are from the top 4% of industry talents. We are interested in the growth of our employees, and we give them numerous opportunities for self-development and polishing their qualifications.

  • Reduced development costs

    We know how to cut the development costs without losing the quality of the product. Before starting the development, we conduct deep market research and validate the idea and create the product that will fit the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Are Enterprise IT Consulting Services Necessary for Business?

    Information Technology Consulting is not just tips and tricks, as the name suggests. IT consulting is a set of practices and services covering many tasks such as valuation, competitive analysis, corporate IT strategy development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, systems management, and much more.

    When you hire a tech consulting firm, you are not hiring just one person but an entire company with the collective knowledge and experience to help you use IT in your business environment. The essential part of building customized solutions is consulting. The key benefit of using IT consulting services is the ability to identify an area where IT tools can drive innovation and save resources.

  • Who Are IT Consultants and What Do They Do?

    As business and technology specialists, IT consultants perform many functions, but the main ones are the introduction of new systems, architecture design, health checks, and knowledge transfer. Information technology consultants advise on what to invest in, what technologies and architecture to use, what people to hire, and how to achieve your goals and business objectives. Their work can include diagnosing problems and coordinating the resources needed to solve them. IT consultants Jelvix, for example, provides consulting on any IT-related matter, including:

    • Analysis of computer systems.
    • Web development.
    • Computer network architecture.
    • Information security.
  • What Software Consulting Services Do We Offer?

    Our team of IT experts, business consultants, and world-class industry experts are ready to provide you with comprehensive consulting services and real help in software implementation. We offer:

    • Enterprise architecture consulting;
    • Technology strategy development;
    • Data Science consulting;
    • UI / UX design consulting;
    • Business analysis;
    • Feasibility study;
    • Integration consulting.
  • What Is The Difference Between Software Consultant and Developer?

    An IT Consultant is a senior developer with years of experience who has a proven track record of thinking outside the box, knowing the systems, and negotiating the tradeoffs of alternative implementations. He objectively evaluates technology, deals with business analysis (gathering requirements), and develops technology strategies. The IT consultant takes marketing aims and business objectives into account, ensuring that all engineering adjustments and decisions occur within the allotted budget, timeline, and customer requirements.

    The software developer, in turn, creates solutions and solves problems that arise in the software development process as a senior, but not as a manager, although he may take part in projects as a team leader. The essential difference is that consultants look at a software product from a business perspective, while engineers look at a software product from an operational perspective.

  • Why Choose Our IT Consulting Company?

    The competencies and skills that Jelvix possesses today result from over a decade of software development practice. Our portfolio is constantly updated with new projects and success stories of our clients, and we are open to new challenges. The IT consulting services we offer aim to develop a technology-driven digital strategy with a thorough recognition of your business model. We evaluate, justify, and recommend technology solutions that best add value to your business. It can invest in new solutions, improving IT architecture, or optimizing an existing software portfolio by creating even tighter integration between software solutions.

    In addition, we strive to build strong partnerships with our clients, offering them customized business strategies and fresh ideas to be flexible on the path to digital transformation.

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