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For those who need feature-rich, efficient, and scalable applications, get high-quality code fast and on budget.

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JavaScript is a programming language Jelvix experts use to create robust and cost-effective web pages and applications. Get a responsive web app and cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript coding practices that deliver secure, scalable, and accurate software solutions such as:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Backend

JavaScript is a predominant programming language for good reason, and our JavaScript developers can deliver a superior product quicker. Whether you need front-end or back-end development, or both, JavaScript gives you an efficient framework to create interactive and highly functional web applications.

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Integration Services

  1. Full-stack development

    JavaScript development makes your web applications and mobile apps more dynamic and functional. Users get a better experience, and you get both front-end and back-end development that’s quick, reducing time to market.

  2. Cross-platform mobile apps

    Develop a cross-platform mobile app that works on iOS and Android with React Native. Increase productivity thanks to an accelerated app development cycle using JavaScript as a single language for scripting.

  3. Enterprise web apps

    JavaScript lets you create web and mobile apps that interact with Big Data, trigger workflows, and push notifications. In addition, it’s perfect for scaling data-intensive, real-time backend services for your client applications.

  4. Integrated development

    Do you need to integrate with server-side technologies like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, or others? JavaScript is compatible with these, and it supports all of today’s web browsers. Not only do you get integrated systems, but the functionality of your web apps is incredible and it saves you valuable development time.

Javascript Development

Why Javascript Development

  • Efficient performance

    JavaScript is one of the fastest, most dynamic languages out there. As a client-side script, it speeds up execution of your program, saving time needed to connect to the server.

  • Rich interface

    JavaScript is important not only because of its speed and simplicity, but because web developers create dynamic, interactive, and amazing apps with JavaScript.

  • Portability

    Make your web applications processor independent with JavaScript. Regardless of browser or server-side or even in embedded systems, JavaScript is designed for optimal portability.

  • Versatility

    JavaScript offers everything a startup needs as well as the requirements of a global enterprise. You can build a testable version of your app from scratch. JavaScript lets you code from both the front-end and the back-end.

Javascript Development Frameworks

  • React

    React lets your programmers and developers create big web applications that exchange data without reloading the page. React’s main purpose is to be fast without sacrificing simplicity and speed.

  • NodeJS

    Traditional websites use NodeJS to build their web applications because it’s almost revolutionized JavaScript on the server. It’s also one of the main languages to build web applications.

  • VueJS

    Scope your component correctly by inserting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript thanks to VueJS.e Many companies use VueJS because of its various optional tools for building amazing user interfaces.

  • AngularJS

    Another structural framework, AngularJS lets you create dynamic apps. App developers can use HTML and extend its syntax effortlessly. AngularJS makes your code work better without writing redundant code.

  • Ember

    An open-source JavaScript client-side framework, Ember is perfect for web applications. It lets you build client-side JavaScript applications that include and contain data management and application flow services.

  • MeteorJS

    MeteorJS took best practices and concepts from other frameworks and libraries to create an easy-to-use language. MeteorJS’s purpose is to make web development easy, flexible, and streamlined. You get fewer bugs, higher quality, and the stability you want.

  • Backbone

    Backbone is another tool to help developers create apps easier. Backbone increases developing efficiency and speed, reducing your time to market. You also get a more robust product that end users love.

  • Knockout

    Create rich, responsive enterprise-level displays in your web application or mobile app with Knockout. You get a clean, simplified data model when you build your app with Knockout. And, more importantly, Knockout works with any client-side or server-side technology.

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