Security Management at Jelvix

Our customers' cybersecurity has become our highest-priority concern. We will ensure that your product or ecosystem is hedged against threats and adheres to your industry regulations & security standards.

ISO 27001

certified information security management system

ISO 27701

certified privacy information management system


security monitoring

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Dedicated to Keeping Our Customers Safe:
Security Within a Project

Protecting our customers' intellectual property

We understand the value of our customers' intellectual property and have instituted rigorous protocols to ensure its sanctity remains uncompromised.

Securing project environment

Our infrastructure boasts advanced protocols for data integrity and threat resilience through encrypted communications and access control for project safety.

Preventing unauthorized access to customers' data

We deploy multi-layered security measures, ensuring our customers' data and IT systems are accessible only to authorized personnel, always.

Let's create something meaningful together


Our Clients Choose Jelvix for


We're not just your cybersecurity provider but a reliable service technology partner in ensuring uninterrupted, secure operations.


Our top-tier CISO specialists, with practical expertise, guarantee that your business consistently maintains a competitive edge.


From common vulnerabilities to zero-day exploits, we're equipped to neutralize any cyber menace, ensuring business continuity.


Our true and tested cybersecurity mechanism operates seamlessly, safeguarding your data and assets 24/7.


In the fast-evolving digital sphere, we stay ahead of threats, continually updating our defense mechanisms for your peace of mind.


Beyond protection, our services ensure your business complies with global cybersecurity standards and regulations.

Whom We Serve

Since 2016, Jelvix has been a technology partner for SMBs, enterprises, and startups across diverse industries. Our clients span numerous business verticals, relying on our specialized knowledge and skills to drive innovations.


Our Cybersecurity Services Include


By rigorously identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within the application's codebase and architecture, we ensure robust protection against potential breaches, unauthorized data access, and malicious attacks. We adopt a holistic approach that includes static and dynamic analysis, ensuring continuous security in both the development and operational phases.


We provide a multi-layered defense system, from setting up secure cloud environments to monitoring infrastructure against potential breaches. Our team stays abreast of the evolving cloud threat landscape, guaranteeing your infrastructure's resilience.


Our Data Security services are centered around ensuring your business-critical data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By employing encryption protocols, real-time monitoring, and advanced threat prevention mechanisms, we ensure your data remains inaccessible to unauthorized entities, safeguarding your assets and reputation.

Our Cybersecurity Roadmap

  • Assessment & Planning

    At this foundational stage, we dissect the current state of your cybersecurity infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and gauging potential risks. In this phase, Jelvix assists you with:

    • Assessing security preparedness
    • Checking regulatory compliance
    • Analyzing and verifying the target technology
    • Reviewing enterprise architecture and tech stack
    • Creating a strategic roadmap for implementation
  • Cybersecurity & Implementation

    This phase involves setting up robust defenses and deploying tailored cybersecurity solutions. Each implementation step is carefully calibrated to fit your business model. During this implementation phase, we at Jelvix help you with:

    • Establishing vital processes and policies
    • Strengthening overall infrastructure
    • Configuring and deploying cybersecurity tools
    • Conducting awareness sessions for the staff and development teams
    • Drafting and testing a detailed incident response plan for potential breaches
  • Operation & Optimization

    After successfully implementing the security measures, we ensure persistent refinement and oversight of your security framework to guarantee top-notch cybersecurity standards. During this final phase, we provide you with:

    • Real-time monitoring and managing of the security infrastructure
    • Streamlining the security ecosystem
    • Periodically reviewing and updating technology
    • Conducting periodic security drills and simulations
    • Evaluating maturity and suggesting improvements

Awards & Certifications

The ISO 9001:2015 standard ensures that our services and solutions meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system. It also assures that Jеlvix has solid, clearly defined procedures in all the business areas and a strong business continuity process.

Jelvix has successfully implemented the quality management system ISO 13485:2016 for the production of medical devices. This certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality, consistent products and services to our clients and our ongoing investment in the medical devices segment.

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