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Today’s consumers crave digital media that resonates. Jelvix helps you stay ahead of the competition with digital media solutions that create raving fans.

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Complex Media & Entertainment Software Development

Innovative technology provides your agency and studios with industry-savvy services and solutions like streaming, broadcasting, interactive entertainment, and more. Jelvix helps you stay ahead of the competition with the amazing consulting and engineering services focused on your viewers and visitors like:

  • OTT services
  • Media editing tools
  • Media asset management systems
  • Online publishing and streaming platforms
  • Network management systems
  • Social media commerce platforms and integrated mobile/online apps

To get viewers’ attention, you must deliver digital experiences rich in content and span across multiple channels. Harness the power of media production, innovative delivery, and integration to enhance the way your audience experiences and consumes media, information, and entertainment.

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Comprehensive Online Media Platforms

  1. Boost your digital assets’ profitability

    Take advantage of Big Data at your fingertips. Understand your audience in greater detail and make smarter business decisions that increase your profitability. Increase your available services and drive customer engagement while decreasing your operating expenses.

  2. Digitize your media business

    Digitization of your content helps you manage and deliver it better. You can leverage your user experience by applying expert technology skills that drive innovative solutions like media editing tools, asset management programs, and online publishing, including streaming platforms.

  3. Skyrocket campaign conversion

    Not only will Jelvix help you increase brand awareness, but we develop platforms to help you monitor your ad campaigns and report on their management. You get online and mobile advertising solutions and a digital platform for your market that lets you tweak and revise campaigns to increase conversions.

  4. Monetize entertainment solutions

    Are you missing out on harnessing disruptive technology that enables media and entertainment companies just like yours deliver products and monetize both viewers’ satisfaction and value? Use 5G, IoT, and more to increase demand and monetize your entertainment solutions.

  5. Engage your audience to boost retention rate

    Engage your audience through online video platforms, interactive web portals, mobile apps, including second-screen apps, and virtual and augmented reality. Boost your retention rate by building new audiences and developing new revenue in each of these areas.

  6. Track viewer analytics and data to transform your business

    Personalize your analytics to offer relevant content to your viewers and consumers. We capture Big Data and use data science to help you find insights and ideas to streamline your content and services into unique experiences for individual consumers.


Get Digital Media Apps, Online Media Platforms, and More

Media & entertainment industry solutions

  • Social apps & new media
  • Digital content streaming solutions
  • Online media platforms & digital media apps
  • Conversational agents (chatbots)

Technology domains

  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • Business intelligence & analytics
  • Mobility
  • Data Science/Big Data processing
  • E-commerce solutions

Transformation for Your Agency’s and Audience’s Experience with a Three-step Process

  • Consulting

    Our dedicated team offers expert consultation with staff from your business and other publishers and studios. We identify disruptive technologies that will enhance streaming and broadcasting to attract and boost global traffic. Let us transform your media & entertainment company into an interactive powerhouse by harnessing data and applying digitization to your entire business ecosystem.

  • Software Development

    The marketplace is crowded. We’ll help you stand out with custom engineering solutions designed around content and your customers. We center our software development solutions on content-driven solutions that appeal to your target audience. Let us help you achieve a competitive advantage through expertly developed products and platforms.

  • Research & Development Centers

    You get an in-house team of research and development experts to help you transform your organization with interactive technology and solutions. Take advantage of our R&D centers to help you provide better services, offer automation and digitization, and delight your audience through streaming and broadcasting designed to captivate.

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