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A global leader in software development that helps companies overtake the competition, Jelvix specializes in complex, sophisticated software development to help companies digitally transform their business and their industry. Get world-class enterprise engineering, design and technology consulting services to skyrocket your operations, customer service, and automate business processes.

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Meet Our Customers

Companies around the globe, just like yours, yearn for custom software that makes them stand out from the billions of companies online. We are proud to serve as a technology partner for industry disruptors and innovators.

Jelvix goes well beyond expectations. We provide complex services to meet a variety of challenges global businesses face today. We offer innovative technology solutions to fit every need with our customers' success in mind.

Dedicated Development Team

Employ a dedicated development model to enhance your technology capacity, get access to domain expertise, and skyrocket growth. Get a result-driven R&D center tailored to specific business needs.

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IT Consulting Services

Consulting first with an industry leader before charging ahead means you’ll know your customers truly want your product instead of hoping they will.

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Software Development Services

Get customized, complex software development whether you’re a startup or an enterprise. Integrate your legacy systems and modernize your system’s functionality with today’s innovative technology.

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Mobile App Development

Everyone wants personalized mobile apps that speak directly to their needs. Give your customers what they want with impactful mobile apps that represent your brand and industry.

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QA and Testing

You’re only as good as the stable functionality you offer your customers. We perform comprehensive, multi-stage QA and testing to make sure your software meets the highest quality standards.

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Technical Support

Cut downtime costs with our product technical support services. We help enterprise projects with product integration, software enhancement, network stability and connectivity, software issues resolution, and more.

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Jelvix experts have relevant domain expertise in the following industries, allowing to understand the business needs, industry trends, and customer expectations. We help companies leverage the power of technology specifically for their niche to get ahead of the competition and innovate their industry.


Offer your customers the security and speed they need with a fintech software perfectly tuned to your business goals and aligned with industry trends.

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Create new business opportunities with scalable innovative software that enhances customer engagement and boosts profits.

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Get your software compliant with government regulations and standards, but more importantly, solutions that enhance patient experience and treatment outcomes.

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Give your customers the portals they need to manage their insurance needs and claims while providing you with the tools you need to manage claims, mitigate risk, and identify fraud to protect your company from loss.

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Media & Entertainment

Provide your consumers with the text, audio, video, and streaming services for better user engagement. Use mobile apps and interactive portals to provide your customers with the media experience they crave.

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Travel & Hospitality

Today’s travelers expect the ease and convenience of managing their trips online. Give them everything they need with hospitality management solutions that let them book, change, or cancel rooms, flights, etc.

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Logistics & Transportation

Logistics is a key component of the supply chain in today’s global economy. Make sure you and your customers can track and manage shipments, warehousing, and other logistics with a transparent interface.

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Offer customers a smooth and transparent interface to let them check on outages and service requests. Easily manage your service crew in the field or capture customer data with innovative energy software.

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Harness the power of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, AR / VR, and other innovative technologies to increase your crop yield, decrease your expenses, and maximize your profits.

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Dealerships, suppliers, and others in the automotive industry must conquer safety and reliability concerns of their customers. Use the data at your fingertips to increase customer loyalty and drive increased revenue.

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Case Studies

See how our clients accelerated their businesses with software, web and mobile apps tailored specifically to their customers’ needs.

See All Case Studies
See All Case Studies

Client Testimonials

Our many satisfied customers have a lot to tell you. Read their success stories to learn how Jelvix helped them transform their businesses with software solutions, apps, and more.

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