Quality Policy

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Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by adhering to the service standards set by the Company, well-established and effective interaction between members of our team, and the constant growth of the professional level of all employees of the Company.

The Company’s management takes full responsibility for the quality management system, because it believes that Jelvix should always be associated with the concept of “high quality.”

We aspire to:

  • work in compliance with national and international requirements (including the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016);
  • cooperate only with professionals who are constantly striving for self-development and deepening of knowledge and competencies;
  • create comfortable conditions in the Company’s office and make additional improvements for team members who work remotely;
  • apply the latest technologies and equipment in our work;
  • constantly improve and become better for the benefit of our customers’ businesses, help society and the environment in general.

In our activities, we are guided by the following principles of quality management:

  • orientation;
  • leadership;
  • involved teams;
  • process approach;
  • improvement;
  • decisions based on facts;
  • relationship management.

We realize that processing risks and realizing opportunities create the basis for improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, obtaining improved results and preventing negative effects, and therefore plan and implement actions to address risks and realize opportunities.

We plan to achieve this goal by:

  • constant updating and improvement of the Company’s equipment, focus on innovation;
  • self-development, constant improvement of both the level of each individual specialist and the team as a whole;
  • regular review and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • involving all team members in the process of improving the quality management system with a clear delineation of tasks, authority and responsibilities in the field of quality.

Our management is aware that only those team members who are satisfied with the terms of cooperation can deliver the best results. That is why the management creates conditions for the maximum realization of the abilities of each individual specialist and the team as a whole at the expense of:

  • organization of comfortable conditions for cooperation and team recreation;
  • motivation and support systems;
  • supporting the initiative, creativity, and innovation of its specialists.

The quality policy imposes the following responsibilities on each team member:

  • to know the provisions of the Policy and objectives of the Company and be guided by them in work;
  • to create the necessary conditions for high-quality performance of their tasks (within their competencies);
  • to provide team members with the material resources necessary to perform tasks (within their responsibilities);
  • to adhere to the Company’s code, as well as comply with the requirements of external and internal regulations;
  • to initiate improvements aimed at eliminating the reasons that hinder the provision of the highest quality service.

The quality policy is aimed at:

  • joining the team members’ efforts to continuously improve the level of services provided by the Company;
  • ensuring continuous improvement of the level of the quality management system functioning.

The management of JELVIX LLC declares its commitment to the high quality of services provided to the customers, reaffirms its determination to lead the process of continuous improvement of the Company, and encourages each team member, regardless of their role, to contribute to solving the tasks.