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Overcome business challenges and fuel your growth with our full-cycle software development services and custom solutions.

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Jelvix is the leading software development outsourcing provider for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Get tailored web and mobile applications and other software products that meet your business needs and disrupt the market. Partnering with Jelvix, you reduce your production costs and time to market without sacrificing quality and innovation.

Delivering Core Software Development Value

  1. Invest in results-oriented ideas and concept

    Jelvix delivers innovative solutions that achieve the best results for every client, regardless of your industry or lifecycle stage. We provide idea validation and pre-market testing services to reduce risks and build a product that perfectly meets your customers’ needs

  2. Capitalize on market demand

    Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, there has never been a better time to harness its power to overcome challenges, manage costs, and access global markets. Technology gives you the flexibility and visibility of your product and business needs to capture customers’ attention anywhere in the world.

  3. Build and integrate custom software tools

    We design, build, and maintain custom software tools that fit seamlessly with your current systems and your processes. We provide enterprise software development services in a variety of business domains and tech stacks.

  4. Modernize your legacy systems

    Minimize business interruptions and reduce risk while modernizing your legacy infrastructure and old systems. We marry your legacy applications with compelling new capabilities like accessing Big Data analytics, taking advantage of cloud technology, and much more.

  5. Use automation to streamline processes

    Workflow systems and process automation are some of the fastest-growing software applications thanks to their amazing advantages. Get higher production rates, increased productivity, more efficient processes, higher quality products, bigger return on investment, and more.

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Our Customers

With over 1,000 satisfied and loyal customers, you know your software development solution is in the best hands with Jelvix.

Software Development Services

  • Get full product life cycle

    Begin with your concept. Then we plan, define, design, build, test, and finally deploy your viable software product.

  • Improve an existing product

    Adjust an existing product to meet changing market needs and add feature enhancements to improve it.

  • Reengineer a software product

    Redevelop an existing product to manage load or scale it to meet emerging business challenges efficiently.

  • Reanimate a dead project

    Is your project stuck at ideation? Don’t give up. Let us reanimate it and bring it to a viable product.

Project Stages

  1. Ideation and Prototyping

    Our dedicated team starts with your idea for a new product or service. From ideation, we move forward, building a concept and prototyping, with the goal of creating a minimum viable product for the next stage.
  2. Approve and Launch

    This stage is about market validation of the minimum viable product to gain acceptance and approval. Once we launch it, we move the project onto our development stage where the real work begins.
  3. Development

    Using agile product development mythology, our cross-functional development teams create iteration after iteration featuring your most critical business concerns. We iterate until all items are off the backlog list.
  4. Release and Maintenance

    We release a viable software solution that meets your needs and expectations. You can choose from various levels of ongoing support, such as developing additional features and fixing bugs in existing products.

Why Choose Us

Within 8 years in the IT arena, we deliver high-grade solutions for a wide range of clients. We rely on building long-term cooperation with our clients. As a result, clients entrust us the upcoming projects to Jelvix team and are ready to recommend us. Since we’re focused solely on your needs, you can expect:

  • A transparent process from start to finish and open, effective cooperation models, so you’re always aware of your project’s status.
  • An experienced, dedicated team that has delighted industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Talent on your project consisting of the top 4% in their fields, thanks to stringent recruiting standards.
  • Deep experience in various industries and in-depth experience with existing and erupting technologies.
  • A dedication to building software products focused on your business goals that offer an amazing end user experience.

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