Dedicated Development Team and R&D Centers

Save time and money by relying on our dedicated development teams and take advantage of our industry-leading R&D centers.

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Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding engineers to staff a development team or an R&D center is costly, time-consuming, and overwhelming. When you partner with Jelvix, you get a fully screened and proven dedicated development team who can hit the ground running and integrate smoothly with your in-house IT staff.

Transform Your Business with Top Talent

  1. Quickly scale development

    You know how long it takes to find and bring top talent on board. Jelvix helps you scale your development capacity in a matter of days instead of months. Get the vetted and verified resources you need to scale and power your next IT project.

  2. Get specific expertise

    You tell us what you need—domain experience, specific technology expertise, etc.—and we’ll fill our dedicated development team with the best and brightest available. Again, we can provide exactly what you need in a few days’ time.

  3. Save time and money

    Outsourcing your dedicated development team saves you countless hours spent recruiting and interviewing. And taking advantage of top talent from countries with a lower cost of living saves you considerably in personnel costs.

  4. You’re still in control

    You get a dedicated development team fully under your control but without the administrative issues and hassles. You control your team’s work, and all processes are fully transparent so you know exactly who’s doing what, when, and why.

  5. Get a customized R&D center

    Jelvix R&D centers will help you to reduce risks and develop a whole vision before investing the project, find a proper business solution. We take into account the current market state, latest technologies and emerging trends during the technical study. Take a competitive advantage with our experienced engineers in IoT, AR/VR, RPA and AI etc.

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Our Customers

Companies rely on Jelvix’s years of experience and expertise in building dedicated development teams and R&D centers. Here are a few of our satisfied customers.

We Take Care Of

  • Recruiting

    We may have the qualified engineers on board able to join your project right away. If necessary, our recruiting team will find perfect candidates specifically for your needs.

  • Infrastructure setup

    We set up the necessary technology infrastructure and provide facility management. The team’s working environment is also fully equipped to ensure efficient communication.

  • Team retention

    We take care of talent management process and employee engagement. Our goal is to create the space for developers to grow achieving the highest staff retention rate.

  • Delivery management

    We monitor the team performance and the product quality. We cover the whole delivery process to get the best project outcomes.

How We Work

  1. Requirements analysis

    We’ll define your business needs and project scope to prepare a roadmap. We pay particular attention to your different stakeholders’ needs.
  2. Setting up dedicated development center

    Screen experts’ resumes and interview the best candidates. We assemble a team with optimal skill set for your particular project.
  3. Starting your project

    Jelvix helps you choose the dedicated development team services you need, from handling payroll to managing the daily work schedules and infrastructure.

Why Choose Jelvix

  • We’ve streamlined our cooperation models to offer fully personalized, cost-efficient processes that fit your budget and needs.
  • You can also take advantage of our high-quality business consulting during all stages of your engineering project.
  • Our strength in providing dedicated development teams lies in our focus on your specific business goals and project scope.
  • We rely on building long-term business relationships. That’s why we have a high client retention rate.
  • Each of our dedicated development teams focuses on providing business-changing solutions built on industry-leading design thinking expertise.
  • When Jelvix creates your dedicated development team or R&D center, you get only the top 4% of talent available. Don’t settle for anything less.

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