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Build dynamic, scalable, and enterprise-level applications with efficient PHP development services.

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You need strong database management systems. PHP includes a built-in module that makes application development much easier. When you need dynamic pages and applications, hire a PHP web developer to create an app that is fast, secure, and reliable. In fact, hire a dedicated PHP developer like Jelvix to get:

  • Web applications
  • Content management systems
  • E-Commerce platforms
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Social networks

Well over 75% of websites use PHP in their technology stack. If it’s good enough for Slack, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and others, we can make your PHP development project skyrocket beyond your expectations. Regardless of your app, Jelvix helps companies just like yours succeed with full-capacity PHP development services.

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Integration Services

  1. Web

    Get a customized web app that runs on a wide variety of platforms. Whether you need a simple website or more complex application critical to your business, hire a PHP web developer for personalized web apps like supply chain, inventory management, and much more.

  2. API

    API lets you automate processes so computers manage work rather than people. Update your workflows, make them faster, and increase your productivity exponentially with API.

  3. Backend

    A strong backend enables your frontend experience. Boost your web, mobile, and IoT productivity with a robust backend that focuses on best practices and seamless support for operating under any load.

  4. Data-driven BI

    If you’re not harnessing the power of the data at your fingertips, you’re losing the game. Hire a PHP programmer with vast experience creating PHP apps that help you make sense of your data and use it to drive business intelligence and decisions across the board.

PHP Development

Why PHP Development

  • Scalable

    Choose PHP for increased scalability. Distribute your overall workload between servers to handle more user requests thanks to the horizontal scalability with PHP.

  • Highly compatible

    Since PHP is one of the most popular coding languages on the internet today, it is highly compatible with a wide range of platforms and frameworks. By outsourcing your PHP web development needs, you get functionality easy to run on various platforms.

  • Secure

    Our team is always focused on delivering secure solutions, and PHP allows achieving great results. To maintain the highest level of security, it is important to support the app and update it regularly.

  • Robust

    PHP wouldn’t be so widely popular if it weren’t robust. Beyond its simplicity, PHP lets you harness the power of adaptive content across diverse platforms and the ability to embed it in HTML to convert existing code into entirely new dynamic code.

PHP Development Frameworks

  • Symfony

    Your app based on Symfony covers a variety of needs. You get a set of PHP components and an app framework as well as a philosophy and community—all that work together harmoniously.

  • Zend

    With over 480 million installations, Zend is a collection of professional PHP packages for web apps and services. You get 100% object-oriented code and your developers enjoy a wide variety of language features to make a sleek and elegant app.

  • Laravel

    An open-source PHP framework, Laravel offers web app development that follows the MVC (model, view, controller) architect pattern. Its ease of use for common tasks helps you get your app to market in a shorter timeframe.

  • CakePHP

    Another open-source, rapid development framework, CakePHP offers programmers a structure to build on, meaning you get a more robust app in a shorter amount of time. CakePHP makes sure you don’t reinvent the wheel, and you know you can rely on their well-tested core.

  • Codeigniter

    Codeigniter is an open-source rapid development framework. Jelvix uses Codeigniter to create dynamic websites and apps that let you connect to databases and perform various operations.

  • Yii2

    Yii2 provides a component-based framework that lets you rapidly develop amazing web apps. It’s simple, fast, and highly scalable, which is why you should hire dedicated PHP programmers experienced in Yii2.

  • Phalcon

    Another framework based on the MVC pattern, Falcon is touted as the fastest PHP framework ever built. Thanks to innovative architecture and immersive experience with this framework, you get an innovative app that outperforms the competition.

  • PHPixie

    PHPixie is an open-source web application framework that is very straightforward and easy to implement. But that doesn’t mean it can’t handle and support complex models. PHPixie states, "You will always be in charge of what’s happening."

  • FuelPHP

    An open-source web application framework, FuelPHP is fast, simple, and highly flexible. It captures the best of other frameworks and combines it into a fresh start that means you get an innovative web app in less time.

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