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Companies partner with Jelvix for innovative, tailored financial software development. Get customer-centric Fintech solutions that differentiate you.

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Solving Your Fintech Needs

Why waste your time with a finance software development company that provides only part of the puzzle? Get a comprehensive, customized solution from a dedicated development team to manage healthy growth while controlling spending. Leading Fintech innovators turn to us for software development services like:

  • Digital banking solutions development
  • Big Data and AI services for Fintech
  • Payment systems development
  • Blockchain development services
  • Lending platforms development
  • Security and risk management solutions, etc.

The financial services industry is changing fast. To keep up, Jelvix empowers you to conquer innovative technologies like big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our technology solutions use this disruptive technologies to help digital banks, payment processors, financial lenders, and supply chain financiers stay ahead of banking and security regulations.

Our Customers


Get Leading Technical Expertise

  1. Predicting risks with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

    Use all the data you have at your fingertips to help your customers with wealth management and other financial needs. We harness Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for use in customized finance development services to predict your financial risks.

  2. Boosting your operational efficiency

    If you don't innovate, you risk shrinking your profit and earnings. Streamline your services and offerings by automating your processes for faster performance. React instantly when the market changes, cut back on transaction fees, or deliver various payment options with automation, analytics, and innovative technology.

  3. Securing your assets against fraud

    Organizations like yours need a global solution to cyber security and risk management without sacrificing superior user experience. Our Fintech software adheres to strict policies and regulations to help you attain international certifications and to comply with global financial industry standards.

  4. Strengthening your investment management

    Get agile investment performance and optimize your investment management strategy through innovative investment management solutions that aggregate and process real-time data to identify risks and fluctuating market conditions. Get price alerts so you can make better informed, more reliable investment decisions.

  5. Accelerating your payment lifecycle with automation

    Use technology like blockchain to help you securely accept and transmit payments around the world in mere minutes. Our solutions increase transparency while reducing your transaction time and costs. Get a software platform with an array of payment processing options and third-party APIs to support all currencies you handle.

  6. Offering your customers an excellent experience

    Get apps that collect, analyze, and assess data to learn what your customers want and need. You get a dedicated development team to create solutions to better target your customers based on preferences and online behaviors. Excellent customer experience is one of the best ways to differentiate your company from the competition.


Solutions & Domains

Fintech solutions

  • Omni-channel banking solutions
  • Blockchain solutions for finance
  • Payment processing software development
  • Online trading and currency exchange platforms
  • Performance measurement and attribution solutions
  • Financial web and mobile apps development
  • Legacy software optimization

Domain expertise

  • Digital banking platforms
  • Cards and payment systems
  • Funds and asset management
  • Trading management platforms
  • Security and compliance management
  • Investment management

Three-Step Project Development Process

  • Discovery Stage

    We take the time to learn what’s most important to you. Not only will we understand the challenges you’re facing, but we need to know your goals so we can help you accomplish them. We’ll research the best technologies to meet your current and future requirements.

  • Planning Stage

    We analyze the information collected in the Discovery Stage to create a project workflow based on priorities identified. We pinpoint the product features that best meet your needs, challenges, and goals.

  • Development Stage

    Benefit from outsourcing your fintech development rather than trying to build it in-house. Whether you’re building a solution from scratch or modernizing your legacy software, for instance, we create a dedicated development team helping you to succeed in today’s changing business environment.

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