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Empowering your business with Java application development services targeted to your specific business challenges.

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We can transform your business with Java application development that runs on the latest and most reliable technologies. As a result, you get a stable platform continually evolving to meet or exceed your business needs with the following.

  • Custom development
  • Migration to Java
  • Java APIs
  • Project rescue
  • Maintenance

You need a solution that runs on any platform, is sustainable, and offers the high quality your customers expect. Jelvix has decades of experience with Java development that we bring to each and every project—which means you get a customized Java solution that fits your budget, is done on time, and optimizes your cost of ownership.

Our Customers


Integration Services

  1. Enterprise solutions

    Most enterprise clients have complex systems and needs. You get web solutions, portals, and software that address your organization’s unique needs and challenges. You’ll get a complete solution that’s ready to go and includes mobile applications using up-to-date, amazing technology.

  2. Android development

    Java is used to create native applications for the Android operating system. Your app or software platform constructed with Java works seamlessly on any Android device, empowering your customers to connect with you where and when they most want.

  3. Cloud applications

    Get a securely developed and deployed enterprise-grade Java application stationed in the cloud. We work with several cloud providers to develop an application designed to meet your business goals and your customers’ expectations. Whether you need pay-as-you-go technology or something else, get it in cloud-only hosting.

  4. Platform customization

    Get a customized Java-based platform from a variety of vendors. We’ll start by analyzing and assessing your current environment to create a custom plan for implementing and deploying your Java solution. More importantly, we integrate your new Java solution with existing applications and infrastructure for a seamless transition.

  5. IoT hardware and back-end

    Ensure device connectivity, management, and even remote control abilities with our extensive hardware expertise. Organize and process the streams of data you’ll receive from all these devices to make the best use of the big data available both in the cloud and on-premise platforms.

Java Development Services

Why Java Development Services

  • Platform independent

    Regardless of the platforms you currently use or want to use, you get applications, software, and web solutions that work seamlessly together.

  • Stable and secure

    Give customers and your end users a secure and stable environment that keeps their attention and works efficiently across multiple platforms.

  • Dynamic

    Get a dynamic solution that stretches beyond cross-technology of disparate components and creates a unified platform that users love.

  • Shorter time-to-market

    Complete projects faster with a wide range of APIs, software development tools and frameworks that ensure quick implementations and upgrades.

Java Development Services Frameworks

  • Spring

    Get a custom, high-performance web applications regardless of complexity. Spring lets us develop enterprise-level software and applications easily and consistently.

  • JavaEE

    Java Enterprise Edition extends Java SE 8 with additional enterprise capabilities such as web services and distributed computing. It allows building secure, high-performing, and scalable solutions.

  • Struts

    An enterprise-level framework, Struts makes manageability of the application easier, and it uses plug-ins to make your Java solution portable.

  • Hibernate

    If you want better database communication, Hibernate gives you a stable object-relational mapping framework to ease how Java and your DBMS communicate.

  • Google web toolkit
    Google web toolkit

    Google web toolkit makes it easy for developers to write client-side Java code and deploy it easily as JavaScript for your browser.

  • Spark

    Get large-scale data-processing software using Spark that allows achieving top-notch performance for batch and streaming data.

  • Jenkins

    When developers write your automation tools in Jenkins’ Java, you get plug-ins built specifically for integration. Make it easier for users to get a fresh build.

  • Grails

    This framework uses Groovy programming language that’s object-oriented for the Java platform. Thanks to Grails, you get enhanced developer productivity (shorter time-to-market).

  • Vaadin

    This open-source framework allows building Progressive Web Apps in Java. It’s integrated from web browser to Java server, enabling the team to speed up development and get a better product.

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