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Prevalence of the computer information systems and telecommunication technologies made ecommerce software development real. E-commerce is a form of business based on such transactions where the interaction of the parties is carried out over computer networks instead of direct physical contact. Of course, these deals require appropriate software tools; therefore, the ecommerce software development is one of the key areas of the IT sphere.

Customer database collection is one of the most common problems in the ecommerce software development

The most crucial sign of an effective and stable company is the presence of loyal customers, who regularly buy products or order services. For that reason, a client database containing details on all the partners, with whom deals were ever made, is the most valuable asset of any business. And the automation made in the process of ecommerce software development increases the customer base’s efficiency notably.

Automation of logistic processes with the help of mobile app development technologies

For IT industry professionals engaged in ecommerce software development, creation and automation of the client database is one of the most ordinary orders. And this is not surprising because the existence of a unified customer directory allows sales agents to find quickly and easily the necessary information about each customer or business partner, and clarify their details.

Ordering the apps that aid in managing customer relationships is a way to take your business to a new level.

Customer Relationship Management

There are special kinds of customer base automation applications aimed at managing customer relationships. Such programs in ecommerce software development are called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This kind of e-commerce software enhances the competitiveness and profits of the company, as well as helps to build relationships with partners based on a personal approach, enables to attract new customers and aids in keeping the old ones.

CRMs give a number of important benefits, for example, allowing to:

  • Coordinate the activities of various departments providing them with a common platform for customer interaction;
  • Find a personal approach to each client using the accumulated information about them, including the history of the interactions;
  • Operate taking into the account ongoing promotions and client’s discount and bonus cards;
  • Analyze the degree of efficiency of used software tools; promptly identify the needs for the new ecommerce software development;
  • Increase the loyalty of customers and partners by improving the quality and responsiveness of service;
  • Optimize the firm’s marketing processes;
  • Manage mailing lists which are used to inform clients about products and services, promotions and discounts, special offers, etc.;
  • Segment the partners’ pool based on their importance to the company, the potential response to the ongoing promotions, etc.;
  • Take into account the target audience, anticipating the buyers’ demand for the various products of the enterprise.

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Personal approach in ecommerce software development – the ability to give the customer a sense of their own value

Let us shortly review the advantages that programs released as a result of ecommerce software development can provide for business, taking the taxi service as an example. Accepting a call from a particular phone number, the operator automatically receives information on whether the caller is a regular or a first time client. If the customer is recurring, the service agent can check their previous routes, residence address, favorite vacation spots, and frequently visited places. Also, if the client ever called this taxi service using the same phone number, the operator greets them by name, which significantly increases the satisfaction from communication.

Professional ecommerce software development of the applications for the customer base optimization and automation is very important for companies whose business is related to fashion&beauty services and fitness centers. Automatically extracting data from individual customer cards, storing expert recommendations, scheduling visits and recording progress levels – all this allows employees of the organization not only to rapidly fulfill the customer’s order but also to provide the latest information on available special offers or future changes in the services.

Automation of the customer database - the way to business success! Any enterprise operating in the field of sales or services sooner or later faces the need to improve their tools for interaction with partners and expansion of the client base. Ecommerce software development or purchase of the ready electronic commerce programs can be an effective solution to this problem. The usage of the customer base, automated in the process of ecommerce software development, saves time and resources allowing the staff to obtain the necessary client details on-the-fly.
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