The Full-Scale Park&Trail Application Development

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The clients’ business goal was to create a suite of resources for National Park visitors, assist them in planning their safari, and discovering the park via the app’s routes guide, maps, and a vast amount of information about the spot wildlife. Just as important was the creation of communities for safari lovers to share their stories, images, and experiences in the park after their trips.



Jelvix project team ensured the mobile application had a perfect user experience and consistent visual design. The development team of the project included iOS and Android developers, QA engineers, and a UI/UX designer working together with the Project Manager. The development of the project was broken into several phases.

While working on the first phase, our team conducted an in-depth analysis to justify the technology selection for each component of the application.

The second phase was launched with Jelvix engineers being focused on enhancing the user experience of the app. Our top priority was creating an application that would take safari planning experience to a whole new level, providing users with all the possible information they might need on a safari - from routes guide and maps to details about the local wildlife.

The final phase was dedicated to QA automation and making adjustments. Using the cutting-edge tech stack for iOS and Android platforms development, modern UI/UI design, fast and flexible QA services made it possible to implement the project within the deadlines.

Value Delivered

Jelvix project team provided a solution that represented a featured application that enriches the visitor's experience and increases overall customer engagement. We created an advanced, representative, user-friendly mobile app covering all users' needs for planning their safari trips.


Project Results

3 months after the launch, the application was downloaded over 1000 times, became The App of the Day in App Store, and received dozens of positive feedbacks from content visitors of the National Park. The Customer received the website and the mobile application that cover all the business needs required.

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