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The largest American company engaged in the resale processes on the real estate market, while delivering superior results through rigorous financial and risk discipline. Being a world-class investment firm, acquired and managed over 18,750 single-family homes and renovated over 28,000 homes and apartments.

Business Challenge

The business process of our client is a rather complex chain of activities, in which many specialists are involved. Previously, each of the employees used different tools on different tasks. It resulted in a bunch of files that are scattered in different places without systematization or shared access. Therefore, the СEO of the company approached us with the idea of making one single tool for real estate agents to keep all their contact data in one organized system and automate mundane tasks.

Our client came up with the desire to automate the processes, simplify work with numbers and large amounts of data, as well as reduce the impact of human inattention on the process.

So, the main goal was to provide:

  • a single interface for employees and third-party services;
  • a system of access rights;
  • high security;
  • simple communication and reporting;
  • the ability to identify and prioritize transactions;
  • automation of repetitive tasks.

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The system consists of big amount of modules, each of them performs its own functions. Some of these modules are described below.


This module gathers information about properties from the several MLS aggregators and brings all this information to the general format.


  • collecting data from the MLSs (Multiple Listing Services);
  • filtering, searching and sorting properties;
  • integration with map providers that allows to get additional information about properties;
  • notification and messaging for the employees regarding properties.


This module provides the possibility to Business analysts to analyze various attributes of properties and create mathematical models based on these attributes. These models help to make a decision about profitability of investment.
It also has a lot of various integrations that provide huge bunch of additional information about properties, that can be analyzed.


  • filtering, searching and sorting of models;
  • analyzing property attributes;
  • creating mathematical models;
  • intellectual model analysis functional;
  • notification and messaging for the employees regarding models.


This module allows Budget specialists and accountants to explore all information regarding their professional area. In addition, this module provides a user interface for analyzing budget changes over a period of time and managing budget changes.


  • filtering, searching and sorting of inspections;
  • budget auto calculation;
  • budget analysis and reviewing;
  • budget flow control;
  • notification and messaging for the employees regarding budget.


The reporting module provides a simple but powerful UI for the reporting. This allows the user to display a large amount of data, structure and analyze it. The report template can be customized and provided with tables and various charts. It can also be generated automatically and sent to another user by e-mail or simply stored in storage.


  • filtering and searching data;
  • data categorization;
  • reporting scheduler;
  • template creation.
Working with Tiber Capital Group, the Jelvix team used innovative methods and the latest software development trends to meet the real estate industry's needs. Our proactive and results-oriented approach helped us deliver a cutting-edge solution. Vlad Mironov, PM at Jelvix

Project Results

Jelvix provided a package solution that covers the entire workflow and resolves
technology challenges. Our real estate BPM software eliminates the multiple
platforms need, increasing efficiency for real estate analytical, financial, budgeting,
and project management teams. Automation reduces specialized staff by 50% and
streamlines 30 scattered business processes. The system efficiently handles daily
3-5 thousand house sale advertisements, with initial analysis for each one.

Over the time that we have worked with Jelvix, you’ve become a true partner to our company. The Jelvix team works closely with our team to ensure that our CRM software needs are met. Your team is both proactive and responsive, highly attentive, has broad and skilled professionals, and can perform effectively at the highest levels of efficiency and complexity. Simon Frost, CEO & Co-Founder at Tiber Capital Group

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