Offshore Development Center: Point of View from the Specialists

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The possibilities and modern trends take to the reality a lot of features and functions. There are a lot of variants to embed the programs and specific applications – to find the new employee or to work with offshore software development center for outstaffing form. There could be very convenient and profit to the company. These companies could help with web applications too. There could be used the Java Servlets, Java Server Page, PHP, or Node.js – one of the popular technologies for the web development.

The structure of a web application from the offshore software development center

The web application has some parts that realize different parts of the app and its functions. The graphic interface is the clients part of web application and it shows all that user could see on the screen. The main function of it is to connect the human and program by clicking the buttons and links. The program or script at the server which analyzes user requests is called server part of web application. The specialists of the offshore software development center mentioned that this part often is developed with the PHP. Each user’s click for the link means the inquiry to the server which analyzes it through asking for some PHP-script and forms the web page for sending to the client by a network. The result appears in the new web page view. The Database is the software on the server that saves the information and gives it at the necessary moment. Due to the knowledge of the offshore software development center in the situation with the forum or blog, the info that is placed in the database is posts, news, comments etc. All the details are kept at the server and the PHP script asks the database and finally takes data that form the page for user’s request.


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Offshore software development center tells about the web application process

The parts of the application work together in the special scheme. There are some actions, that go one after another and at complex get the result. There are the consistent stages:

  1. The Browser sends the HTTP-requests to the web server through the Internet
  2. The web server asks for the PHP-script that is written by the web application developer
  3. PHP-script works with database if it is necessary
  4. As a result, the PHP-script returns the web page to the client which is shown by the browser

There is the methodology of the offshore software development center that tells about some work processes and details of the development.

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