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In your hands you’ve got a brand new and shiny mobile application – the fruit of many days of programmers’, designers’ and testers’ collective labor according to software development methodologies. The application embodies all your ideas and thoughts: excellent design, user-friendly interface, the app is running efficiently and without failures and errors. It might seem that is everything your brainchild needs to succeed in the mobile applications market. Unfortunately, it is too early to rejoice: even qualitative merchandise does not always become popular right away.

Today, the fate of any product depends not only on how well it is made in accordance with software development methodologies but, in many ways, on its promotion. Very often it happens that good mobile products are left without attention, while not very qualitative ones are very popular thanks to the good advertising.

The first steps in the application software development plan promotion

The purpose of this article is to help developers of software development plan and creators of mobile applications to learn the effective product promotion means.

Software development strategy: Blogs, publications, press releases: 

  1. Mobile application continuous support is very important, not only in the first days after its release but also in the development stage. Tell your potential customers about your project, report regularly on the progress of its software development plan, and make your product expected and sought for! Many well-known companies and developers raise the popularity of their commodities by creating a stir around them, long before the official release dates according to software development strategy.
  2. It is substantial to use all the available communication channels for promotion – free press, online editions, and themed websites. Your task and one of your main software development strategies should be reaching as wide an audience as possible: the more information about your product exists, the more interest it will cause in the media, which in turn guarantees the enthusiasm of potential buyers towards the merchandise.
  3. A crucial factor in the successful press promotion is a regular supply of new product information. In no case it is acceptable to let the interest in you and your product wane.



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Software development strategy: Social media promotion

Social media has long been firmly established in the life of modern humanity. The social networks are a real gold mine for goods promotion. Placement of any information in the major social networks makes it possible to reach an audience of millions absolutely free!

The first thing that needs to be done to promote a new mobile application is to create pages or communities at the most popular social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) dedicated to your product. On these pages, you need to regularly spread information both on the application and its ongoing development, its software development plan progression, its updates and improvements after the release. Do not forget about your customers – try to post some new info about your application, its software development strategies, its functionality, new versions and additions every day.

Use the existing thematic popular online communities and groups to advertise your app – place there information about your application and links to its pages in the social networks. The effectiveness of product promotion on social networks is hard to overestimate: it is not only the coverage of a huge audience, but also the opportunity to predict how successful and interesting will your product and make corrections and improvements based on user feedback, increasing the popularity of your app and upgrading your software development strategy.

Software development strategy: User feedback

Reacting to feedback from the customers is an important stage in the publicity of any product, especially so for mobile applications. Establishing this connection gives the opportunity not only to successfully promote but also to improve your software development plan. Through customer reviews, not only the possible shortcomings can be discovered, but also the wishes of the customer, taking into account which you can create a new version of the application, raising its popularity among users even higher.

And let us not forget that the more positive are reviews about your product, the higher would be its success.

It is crucial to not only allow users to make comments about your application in social networks but also to motivate and encourage them to do so, turning a simple communication with customers into a productive software development strategy.


The above-described methods to promote the mobile applications are good because they require little or no financial investments. However, the advertising of this kind requires other investments: time, effort and patience – only the responsible attitude can bring the desired result.

And remember: the clients react most strongly not to the description of the application itself, but to the advertisement of the emotions that they will experience by using it. After all, emotions are the end user product for them.

Such are the first and least expensive steps to ensure the long life of your application in the app stores. Your best selling point should not be the application itself, but the continuous user support, maintenance and, most of all – careful attention to all customers.

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