LiDAR & 3D Scanner App Development 

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The idea was to enhance the way of visual communication and reach out to consumers by utilizing modern mobile technology. For example, with this app, users can see how the new armchair will fit in the living room, or how the painting will look in the interior.

The main goal is to make e-commerce and innovation meet to unleash the opportunities of LiDAR and make a selling point. 3D technology in marketing already proved itself revolutionary and was adopted by the giants of the retail industry.

Our client decided to make it available to all marketers and advertisers who seek to make the showcase interactive and spark the interest of their target audience.



We started with the research on LiDAR and its application within various domains and came to the conclusion that this method is used mostly by luxury brands. 3D marketing is more effective than classic ad campaigns with plain pictures and soon, it will be available for other marketing niches.

To make the product easy to use, we created a simple scenario that is illustrated in the app itself - the users have a roadmap of each step. App users can scan any object using the iOS device's LiDAR technology, choose the quality options: HD or SD, then preview the download, and send the scanned objects via email. It was also crucial to review a scanned object in augmented reality so that users could view objects from different angles and decide which one is better for editing.

The team responsible for the product included iOS developers, QA engineers, and DevOps. With the assistance and supervision of the Product Manager and Project Manager, the app was created in an agile environment utilizing best scrum practices.

Value Delivered

The app illustrates how technology transforms marketing. Showcasing the products in AR in high quality allows for boosting visual presentation for brands that sell any physical products.

It makes customers closer to the objects so they could get a taste of the shape, color, and dimensions of the product and even check how it fits prior to making the purchase, which influences positively satisfaction rate and lowers returns cases.

A creative way of selling the products increases brand recognition, conversion rates, engagement and, as a result, makes sales skyrocket.


Project Results

The app allows marketers and advertisers to demonstrate the goods more efficiently. Since online retail flourished during the pandemic, this new way is already a standard for the entire industry.

Those who don’t own a physical store now can make more online sales and save costs: instead of arranging shooting campaigns for their products, they can simply install the app, get a 3D model of their object and modify it in hours.

It also brings the consumers a new experience - they can drag, rotate, and view objects from different angles and settings. By creating this app, Jelvix made a contribution to the retail industry and created a win-win situation for both sides of the sale: buyers and advertisers.

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