SDK modernization for stock market data aggregation API

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The primary goal of the client was to monetize their API by making it accessible for users with different backgrounds so that they could integrate it into various projects without significant coding effort. The initial idea was to make SDK as easy as copying a piece of code into another web app code structure and enjoying the benefits of product functionality.

To be competitive, SDK should accelerate API integrations, be easy to set up, and be flexible to allow users to choose the required API service. The essential part of the product’s success is updating numerous amounts of market information in real-time and storing archive data.



Jelvix specialists worked on this project in coordination with the client's in-house development team. To ensure the timely delivery of the SDK, we assembled a team that included a Project Manager, 2 Back-End Developers, Manual and Automation Quality Assurance Engineers, a Business Analyst, and DevOps for implementing and supporting CI/CD.

Since the development of SDK was organized in tandem with the client's in-house team, we utilized Agile best practices and divided the scope of work into Scrum sprints.

The development process started with analyzing competitive products within the market and assessing the existing SDK to define the must-have features and areas for improvement.

After the SDK requirements were confirmed with the client, we refurbished each package part: application programming interfaces, libraries and classes, documentation, and most importantly - code samples, so the final users could easily use pre-made code for implementing different functionalities of API into their apps. It was also crucial to refactor the code and make it structured and coherent.

As a result, we created a software development kit divided into modules for each function, allowing end-users to use real-time market updates in their own applications, auto-generating documentation after code updates, and storage of the archive data. The SDK can also boast of a TTS feature enabling online reading of the content pieces.

Value Delivered

SDK improvements allowed the customer to extend the target audience of API since now it can be integrated with different programming languages and platforms, has variability, and is suitable for users with basic coding skills.

Client’s media is appreciated by a strong reader base of over 25 million from 125 countries. The SDK we delivered unleashed new opportunities for those considering adding market information from credible sources to their own projects.


Project Results

Javascript SDK’s features make the client’s commercial offer highly competitive and improve API adoption within the market. The product was not announced yet, but market research has demonstrated that the SDK fully complies with key audience demands. In the long run, releasing the JavaScript package is going to boost the client’s brand reputation and profits from API.

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