Mobile App for Secure Personal File Storage 

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The client aimed at developing a solution to supply users with an application of high usability and excellent performance. One of the most important requirements was to embody an utterly secure tool with optional notifications and conditional data access.



Jelvix project team ensured the mobile application had a perfect user experience and consistent visual design. The projects’ development team consisted of UI/UX designers, iOS, Android and Java developers, working together with a Project Coordinator.

The designers’ team has created a particular formalization following the Customers’ requirements.

Backend experts chose an optimal stack of technologies for the project, including AWS, Java, MySQL, Maven build tool, Spring 5.1.8, and Hibernate ORM.

Frontend development was performed with the following technology stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular8.

The iOS app was built in native Swift code using iOS SDK frameworks as well as third-party libraries.

The Android app was build in Kotlin code and included Push Notifications, Google Play Billing, and Android SDK frameworks.

As part of the implementation, our Solution Architect designed a scale plan for the application deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Value Delivered

Jelvix provided a solution that presents oneself as a digital briefcase for all user’s essential documents. Application transformed into a secure, organized, and smart mobile digital filing cabinet.

Our project team implemented secure account registration and data encryption to ensure safe storage and easy control. The data access control changes the way relevant documents are held and shared. One-click document upload makes this interaction simple and noticeably time-saving.

The app is equipped with customized reminders for each document at the user’s discretion. This option helps to regulate necessary updates and urgent matters for each user.

The application helps to organize the life schedule easily by keeping all the documents in one place accessible anytime and anywhere with customized timely reminders.


Project Results

The app was successfully released and is now available via Google Store and App Store.

Since its launch, the application has gathered over 3,900 subscribers and 3,400 registered users and it fully covers all the necessary aspects and requirements. The app is user-friendly and highly secure, helping users to create their own powerful document management systems.

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