Social Network & Survey Platform Development

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The Customer aimed at developing a solution to supply users with a social networking application and enable them to share their worldview with like-minded people. The main goal was to provide each user with an opportunity to interact with topical surveys as a creator or a respondent. One of the most important requirements was to embody an utterly secure tool where people can interact safely and politely.



The development team on the project consisted of iOS, Android, Backend, Front-End developers, QA engineer, and UI&UX designer working together with Project Manager. A detailed project plan was created with a thorough risk analysis to minimize their possible impact.

The development of the project was broken into several phases. The first phase started with the examination of the infrastructure field, and existing business processes, requirements for the future analytics, and reporting tool. Based on this scope of work, our consultants designed a high-level architecture with technology stack options. Our team conducted a deep analysis to justify the technology selection for each architecture component.

The second phase was launched with Jelvix engineers focused on enhancing the user experience of the social networking application that combines robust social networking with a flexible and powerful social survey platform.

The final phase was dedicated to QA automation, beta testing, and making adjustments to the app based on the results. It was designed for 3-6 months to ensure the promptitude towards releasing the official production version.

Value Delivered

Jelvix project team designed and developed an open and free social media app with a focus on transparent public insights and opinion, collected in statistics and augmented discussions.

Within the option of survey creation and participation, users can explore statistics from the community with personal privacy guaranteed. Published survey results along with integrated messaging, issues forums, and chat rooms make this opinion sharing application sincere, easy to use, and meaningful.

A significant result of the application existence is the formation of a democratic, responsible, tolerant, and conscious community. The application forms a safe, free, and comfortable zone for all participants, taking into account their worldview and interests.


Project Results

The project is in beta testing stage. During the collaboration, the Customer has obtained a quality application offering a completely secure smartphone-based social network and opinion forum that creates a robust, flexible and powerful community survey platform.

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