Home Physical Therapy Exercise App Development

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The client needed a vendor to create a website and a mobile app of high usability and great performance, to provide doctors and patients with a reliable platform for the best treatment results. The main requirement was to receive the results of work on a very tight schedule.



The development team on the project consisted of iOS, Java, AngularJS developers, and UI&UX designer working together with Project Coordinator following the T&M agreement. The development of the project was broken into several phases.

Work on the first phase started with the consulting. Jelvix advisors examined field infrastructure and existing business processes, requirements for the future analytics and reporting tool. Based on this scope of work, our consultants designed a high-level architecture with technology stack options. Our team conducted a deep analysis to justify the technology selection for each architecture component. Developers implemented HIPAA compliant native iOS and web applications, as well as the website to improve and optimize the treatment process.

The second phase was launched after the previous phase completion. Jelvix engineers were focused on enhancing the user experience of the platform for both patients and practitioners.

Our top priority was to craft an application that takes home exercising experience to a whole new level, providing users with photo capturing/video recording tools, push and email notifications, push reminders, ensuring HIPAA compliance, the possibility of messaging and attaching files.

Practitioners can add new patients to their patients’ list where he can view all the personal information about the patient, his daily or weekly progress, send him messages, share him with another practitioner, add a new program with exercises or edit the existing program. Equally important was to let therapists interact with a video: record his video from supported web-camera via Chrome and Firefox web browsers only; pick from the library or upload from computer. The final phase was dedicated to transferring results to the customer and commissioning.

The Jelvix team found the perfect balance of features, and, at the same time, ensured high performance and perfect data security. Step by step, using the cutting-edge tech stack made it possible to implement the project within the deadline.

Value Delivered

Jelvix established a solution to overcome the barriers in home exercise program adherence. The developed HIPAA compliant platform changes the way physical therapists interact with their patients. Thanks to native mobile app development, patients can receive videos, messages, push reminders directly on their phone. The web version of the platform allows capturing videos/photos using a web camera. In this way, responsible doctors make an online observation of patient’s health status, give feedback on the right performance of exercises. Switchback Health has shown how a well-designed application can change the patient’s attitude to the prescribed regime and demonstrate the positive outcome of video exercise remote monitoring.


Project Results

The application is successfully released and available via the App Store. Switchback Health has gathered over 1,500 physical therapist users, who continuously praise the solution’s performance. The platform received positive feedback and huge interest from the medical community, including Harvard experts. The App has already received many positive feedbacks from Therapists and Users. Jelvix project team worked out communicatively, responsively, and timely.

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