IT Trends in the Transportation Sector

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Trucking companies are increasingly using the offshore custom software development. Why? The answer is simple: they need cloud applications for tracking their shipments and optimizing transport routes. The forecast for 2023 is positive – more innovative technologies and services will emerge to make logistics and transportation even more efficient. You will find this material useful, if you keep abreast of logistics, innovation and key trends in the field of transportation.

Disruptive innovations in delivery and offshore custom software development

Internet of Things (IoT): Sensors and RFID. IoT appeared back in 1999, and now it received a practical application in the field of transportation. Let’s have a look at a compelling example. You probably heard about Cisco, one of the leading network equipment manufacturers. Their techies are helping DHL introduce IoT devices into logistics. It’s no accident that they are successfully using offshore custom software development for that. In particular, their partners are testing active and passive RFID for tracking goods in warehouses and cargo spaces.

GPS Trackers: More to Come. Another trend among transportation companies are smart as paint GPS systems. They can track goods and report their position via mobile networks. Today, logistics providers can get traffic data from virtually anywhere in the world. This helps them track all vehicles owned by the company, in real time. Offshore custom software development companies create solutions for storing and processing the collected data. Location data is not the only thing GPS trackers сan process. They also transmit specific details like the wear of the components or fuel consumption.

Robotics: Amazon Ahead of Time. Amazon has recently started testing the robotic services. For instance, they are making plans to launch autonomous delivery drones. Thanks to this innovation, the company will optimize the connections between individual warehouses and customers. Result? Shipping goods becomes easier and ever faster.


Let's consider popular RPA use cases and learn how software bots use a combination of automation, computer vision, and machine learning to automate business processes.

Automated Trailers: No Humans Needed. Volvo recently announced their new creation — autonomous FMX trucks. Though they are only starting the tests, the announced features are mind-twisting. Just imagine that: cars navigating over the pre-defined routes without any human intervention. Isn’t that the future of logistics? Believe it or not – Volvo is not alone, there are many other companies working in this direction. Let’s wish them good luck!

Improved Analytics: Logging Hours of Service. In December 2017, the ELD rule was issued in the US, obligating all US transportation companies to equip their vehicles with special portable equipment since then. ELD — the Electronic Logging Device — is designed to monitor the drivers’ work schedule. ELDs are fully synchronized with vehicle engines to track the route and driving time. No one can interfere the work of the devices, and that’s innovative. Here is why: the collected information can be stored both locally (via USB, Bluetooth) and using Wi-Fi. What comes next is improved analytics. Pick a good dedicated team, and they will create any custom cloud service for your business.

Offshore Custom Software Development: Logistics Operations The most popular mobile applications for transport logistics are FlexPort, Convoy, and VehicHaul. As practice shows, they can’t meet all specific needs of customers. That's why many companies use offshore dedicated teams for creating the unique services. That helps them get everything organized in one place. Today, logistics needs reliable apps for calculating convenient delivery routes and optimal use of storage facilities. The existing mass products can’t deal with all features. But an app created by an offshore custom software development provider is a good solution in such cases. That helps you get a tailored solution and never pay license fees. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Many companies have their own specific business processes. Any of them can fit into a custom app. Get any functions:  Keep records of drivers’ schedules; Track cars and their availability; Manage orders for transportations; Analyze and use partner data, tracks - anything; Check contracts, customs declarations, transport invoices, accounting documents etc. And now think of having it all in one app. Long story short, it’s no accident that offshore custom software development is trending globally. When talented developers join your team, your possibilities are limitless. Your fantasy is the limit.

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