4 Ways to Focus your Mobile App in the Right Direction

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Everybody uses mobile applications. And that’s true! Mobile development became a popular direction in the work of web and mobile development companies. Maybe you can read this article thanks to the app in your smartphone. Аnd what if you want to create your own mobile application? Not just a simple app – you want to create a useful and popular app! An application that can help to make money and be proud of it. We will be glad to give you some advice, that will definitely help to do everything right.  However, it should be noted that at each stage of mobile app development, it is necessary to deal with a professional web and mobile development company, that has many years of experience in the creation of such products. Just like ours 🙂

There are 4 pillars on which all successful applications are based:

  1. Idea
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Functionality

Think over each detail at every stage of creation, weed out the superfluous and leave the main, or you can get uncomfortable, ugly and useless product that will never find customers. Accordingly, no one would like to use such an application and leave a lot of negative reviews.


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So let’s speak about these 4 pillars in detail

Idea – if the idea is completed it’s the first step to success. Remember – don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Pondering the idea of the website and mobile application with a proper development team can get a lot of good ideas and drop the bad ones. So you have to listen, outline and map every thought to achieve the best results. Also, before the start of the process of creating a mobile app, first of all you need to decide, how do you see your application. For example, it can be an app that will have a lot of different working elements, or just an app, which will focus on a key feature. Notice that you have to make your app very easy to use and focus on getting it to do one thing or a few related tasks. Also you need to decide on which platform to create the app (iOS or Android) and calculate its budget. Experienced web and mobile developers will help you with it.

Now it’s time for mobile design and development.

Design – is the first thing that your customer and user will see. You can say that this design is good when it has easy navigation, functionality, logo, colour scheme etc. If it all looks perfectly on the display of a smartphone or tablet, you have great chances of success. And to ensure them – have a professional with an experience of working on UX architecture and UI design of mobile applications in your team or simply hire them along with the development team.

Development – there is also need for experts on this stage, without this any further steps would be meaningless. The experienced team of mobile/web developers has to approach the product creation. It can save your energy, time and money.

Functionality – it’s a very important stage. Here you must be sure that your app works as planned in the very beginning. At this stage you need to make sure that all application functions interact with each other and operate together to perform intended tasks. It is important to check the functionality of the application – everything has to work correctly and quickly, otherwise users won’t like your product and all efforts would have been made in vain.

Marketing – after the end of development stages you have to show your app to the audience. But it’s not that simple. First of all you have to choose the right audience. You must know who can use your product and made some direct steps to these people. You must know the age, lifestyle, attitude and other stats of your audience. Such thing as segmentation has always been an important factor of successful marketing.

And, of course, we can show you some strategies to market the app. You can promote your product through free and interesting content, make 2 versions of app – free and paid. You can also use social media, different blogs about this app, define your landing page and many other ways to promote your mobile application. At the end of this article we want to ask you not to be greedy. Keep your application at a lower price than others in your segment. If the app is more expensive then your audience expects, it is possible that you will not convert your traffic into customers. But when the price is a bit lower it is a big benefit for the audience – you will get more visitors, more traffic and of course more customers.

Be successful and work with successful web and mobile application development companies!

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