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The 21st century is often called the age of mobile technology. In just a few decades, the mobile technologies have established firmly in all branches of our life, becoming often an irreplaceable working tools. Mobile phones almost completely replaced their landline counterparts, and with the advent of “smart” phones and tablets, are gradually replacing personal computers also. In this regard, an important and necessary for any business should be the Mobile First Strategy and mobile site design play a crucial role in it.

Today, most business owners, including companies whose advertising strategy is focused on the online communities does not pay enough attention to the owners of smart gadgets, and often simply ignore them. The result of such neglect can be not only a financial loss but also a complete business fail.

Mobile First Strategy and mobile website design

Mobile First Strategy (hereinafter MFS) is the business strategy, the main objective of which is the reorientation of business and advertising to users of smart mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), including creating the mobile website design version. The aim of MFS is not only to make business information and products available for gadget lovers but also to fully translate the business itself and its management processes into the mobile environment. With the right approach, MFS (and designing a mobile website, in part) can not only help to gain new customers and profits but also open ways to new possibilities, thanks to which managing the business may become many times easier and more efficient.

What benefits can MFS bring?

As mentioned, smart mobile devices have become part of the life for modern humanity. Communication with people is now available everywhere and 24/7. Thus, using the MFS can provide your customers the most current information about your company and products at any time of the day or night. At the same time, your customers can contact you around the clock, which includes making purchases, using the cashless payment technologies, and it can raise your profits significantly.

Thanks to MFS, it is possible not only to sell the product effectively but also to change the customer tastes, using the application to advise customers to purchase products similar to their favorite brands, which are “gathering dust” in the warehouses.


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In addition, the introduction of MFS into the business enables the intra-clock communication between employees and management. As a result, the opportunity to conveniently manage the business remotely and telecommute with employees appears which in turn greatly increases the efficiency of the company.

Implementation of MFS and creating a mobile friendly website design

Those who have already mastered the “mobile” strategies, recommend such steps to introduce MFS in your business quickly and successfully:

  • Mobile friendly website design. Large web pages designed for desktop computers in most cases are displayed inappropriately on mobile devices. Slow loading and interface uncomfortable for the gadget can completely turn away potential customers. Experts recommend creating a mobile friendly website design version and making the switch from the basic version to the mobile simple and inconspicuous.
  • New means of payment. Bank card payments have long been familiar, but few people paid attention to the electronic purses. Nevertheless, payment for goods and services by means of an electronic purse is often much more convenient for the customers (especially for those who get paid for their work with e-money) because it eliminates the need to transfer money from a purse to bank card. Make it possible to pay for your goods using electronic wallets and you surely will get new customers.
  • Help with purchases. Very often customers, having not found their desired product or favorite brand on one resource, immediately begin to search the others. An application that would recommend the goods, similar to the one they are looking for, can significantly increase your sales.
  • Staff workload relief. Modern online shops require the constant attention of the site administrators, causing them to regularly make changes to the pages due to the presence or absence of goods in stock. To complete the work necessary to keep the shop, a staff of consultants, regularly checking the availability of goods, is often needed. An app, notifying customers on the presence or absence of the product greatly enhance the efficiency of both the site and staff.


According tostatistics, number of tablets and smartphones bought in the past few years, significantly exceed the number of purchased PCs. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, the production of smartphones is expected to catch up on the cost of production with simple mobile devices in the near future and will certainly affect the number of smart gadget users. Timely implementation of MFS will allow you to use all the power of modern technology to benefit your business, and not only leave competitors behind but also be the first to enter a new era – the era of mobile technology. Missing such an opportunity might mean signing the death sentence to your business.

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