Development of Electronic Health Record Software

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The main goals in creating the new EHR system were to migrate all the data from the old CRM system and the paper documents or electronic files maintained by some departments. It was also necessary to ensure maximum confidentiality and security of existing patient data to avoid data leaks or hacker attacks. And just as important was the need to design a user-friendly interface so that the staff would not spend a lot of time on training. Plus, the customer asked to optimize the process of inputting information, so that the doctors and staff would not waste too much time doing it.



The implementation process was structured into several stages.

As the first step, the Jelvix team conducted a business analysis to evaluate the EHR system from a business perspective - how to solve current problems in the best way, how the system could help the business, what value it could add, what features and capabilities could be included, etc.

The team then proceeded to prepare and develop the system's infrastructure. The major challenge was that the EHR system had to include robust security protocols and rapid disaster recovery strategies to ensure efficiency and high uptime. We developed the most appropriate system architecture, including registries, interoperability, confidentiality, and security. We also took made sure that the system was HIPAA compliant.

Next, we moved on to the data migration phase. We identified convenient and most efficient ways to migrate data.

So the process was as follows:

  • Converting paper records to electronic records;
  • Cleaning and verifying data;
  • Configuring the EHR database;
  • Matching obsolete data with new database fields;
  • Transferring data from the old CRM system;
  • Porting new data into the system;
  • Testing and validating legacy data;
  • Validating and testing new data entries.

The Jelvix project team made sure the EHR system had a simple but powerful UI design with all the functionality needed, including voice input.

The last step was training the clinic staff to work with the new system. For 4 days we held consultations for each department, where we explained the features and the work of the system as a whole.

Value Delivered

Our developers ensured the smooth operation of the clinic and the communication between doctor and patient by creating a new personalized EHR system. Specifically to the clinic's requirements, we developed a simple but deployable interface that took no more than 3-4 days to learn and adapt to use. The team followed all design and security standards to ensure maximum data privacy. In addition, the new EHR system now has a speech recognition function so that a doctor or a nurse can say the necessary information, and the sounds are automatically converted into text, thereby avoiding the time spent on the manual entry of information into the system.


Project Results

The Jelvix team has created a unique solution that contains all the features needed to communicate within the clinic, store data, and communicate with patients. We migrated all existing data into the new system and agreed with the client on how patient records would remain secure and the technology used to ensure maximum privacy and security. The system also has a simple and intuitive interface so doctors can quickly find and update client information.

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