Mobile video streaming application

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The Client came to Jelvix with an idea to create a mobile video streaming application that would realize the concept of Augmented TV and open a new experience for broadcasters and advertisers. The Client requested a mobile application that is ladened with features and offers its customers the best services.



The main functionalities have been developed to provide a convenient customers’ experience and improve the services of video streaming systems:

  • Selecting multiple channels simultaneously. We implemented the channel select button in the application, which is used to toggle the ability to select multiple channels. These are the channels that apparently will have more total viewers and the channels the users aspire to reach. Each video can be selected by the administrator or uploaded by a user.
  • Commenting. Users can comment on the videos, and if a user swipes downwards, the comments get hidden.
  • Sharing is made possible through a link to the app on the App Store and Google Play Store with native sharing.
  • Liking. Allows the users to like posts and administrators to see the number of likes each post has in the timeline.
  • Synchronization. All videos play automatically and are synchronized on all devices. Users can swipe through the channels at the risk of missing out on other content. The content will still be playing.
  • Uploading. A user can upload a video; after that, it will go to an administrator for approval.
  • Profile. Users can link their social media profiles. They are displayed when a user clicks on the name of a performer.

Value Delivered

The platform's rollout scale and speed were possible due to the team's progressive thinking, proactive drive, and flexible approach. Jelvix successfully developed and implemented the mobile video streaming application in 10 months. It is a perfect example of how well-coordinated teamwork can deliver a quality product in time. The mobile application has apparent upsides because everyone could showcase their best content to the worldwide audience through one-minute videos and gain new followers on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

We helped to launch a successful product that could become one of the highest-rated apps in the industry. The unconventional approach to solving routine tasks helped our team solve complex problems on time. The Сlient is satisfied with the product's quality and continues working with our team for maintenance purposes.

The service providers associated with us make it a point to deliver technically advanced, aesthetically addicting solutions and have features that no other apps would offer. Innovation and creativity are our driving force, and we make sure to bring a solution that will help you earn significant returns on your investment.


Project Results

Our company has expertise in mobile app development and earned itself a good reputation in the market. The developed iOS and Android mobile application allowed the Client to cater to a larger social media audience. The Client plans to grow the product with Jelvixs’ help, increase its visibility in such a competitive environment and become a key player in the field. Live content has high importance for live video streaming. We expect that video streaming applications will become mainstream in all age-group populations, which will increase the customer base. We are excited to contribute to a solution that gives people the ability to connect with a worldwide community. Jelvix's team of experts familiar with the streaming platform development technologies will drive you to success.

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