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When you partner with an industry leader for technology consulting solutions, you’ll solve your technology problems, boost revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

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You need technology consulting solutions like determining the feasibility of an IT project before you invest, help in identifying software specifications to minimize your risk, designing a system architecture that scales properly and integrates with your workflow, and so much more. Jelvix is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the vast landscape of today’s technology and overcomes challenges that put your IT projects at risk.

Industry-Leading Technology Consulting

  1. Ensure you get the right technology stack

    Are you encountering problems deciding on just the right technology stack for your web application? Choosing the perfect combination of programming language, architecture, and technology tools to create web and mobile apps can be overwhelming. This is a challenge for any company, but one that Jelvix excels at solving.

  2. Optimize your performance

    Optimizing your performance is a key objective for many companies but one that can tie up your resources without providing a big performance boost. Our expert consultants analyze your software, your systems resources, and your users to develop a plan with pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to improve your product performance.

  3. Identify cloud migration strategy

    There’s a good reason why so many companies are migrating to the cloud. Most importantly, it makes good business sense. Jelvix has the expertise and experience to help you migrate existing and new systems safely to the cloud. We’re with you every step of the way on your cloud journey so you know your new cloud services are exactly what you need.

  4. Upgrade your IT infrastructure

    When you upgrade your IT infrastructure, your business gets a boost in efficiency and productivity, but just as important, ensures you have stronger security for your data and other valuable assets. A new IT infrastructure rockets you ahead of your competition because you cannot handle a greater business flow—one that’s safe from hackers and viruses.

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Our Customers

The following customers return to Jelvix for technology consulting services because we don’t just say we’ll try… We deliver. Every single time. Regardless of the technology consulting project, these customers are happy with the end result.

Worldclass Tech Consulting Services

  • Software architecture consulting

    The right software architecture means you get higher efficiency levels, reliable data storage and safety, and quick access for deep data analysis.

  • Strategy development for modernization

    Modernizing your company’s technology results in shorter development cycles, faster deployment, and functionality that exceeds your expectations.

  • IT security consulting

    Can you detect and respond instantly to cyber attacks? IT security consulting finds your vulnerabilities and helps you seal up areas easily penetrated by hackers.

Tech Consulting

  1. Benchmarking

    Our team starts with benchmarking. Benchmarking aims to find your business’s strengths and weaknesses, understand the market trends, and research competitors. Identifying and analyzing key behaviors is an important step in selecting the right strategy.
  2. Architecting

    Our experts focus on your business, your current software and hardware, and your network to create a technology solution that delivers the best results for your organization and guides your business, data, financial, and technology decisions.
  3. Delivering

    The final phase offers deliverables in a variety of formats: a roadmap may present the information in the best possible way or a presentation with the project’s basics like scope, timeline, etc. and the resulting measurable physical, functional, and quality elements you’re most interested in.

Why Choose Jelvix

  • Companies value the transparency we offer in each step of a technology consulting project. You’ll appreciate our transparent processes and cooperation models.
  • Fortune 500 companies and various industry leaders rely on Jelvix to deliver on technology consulting projects, and your project will be given the same dedication and commitment.
  • We’re proud to offer each of our clients a dedicated team comprising the top 4% of talent available. Our strict recruiting standards and thorough screenings mean you get only the best.
  • We offer a two-pronged approach to every technology consulting project: we focus on both your end users’ experience and helping you achieve your business goals.

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