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The software outsourcing industry is growing steadily and confidently, which is logical, given a number of advantages that benefit the customer companies. One of the main reasons for such popularity is that the delegation of the projects to outsource software development companies allows to reduce the manufacturing costs and the price of the final product.

In addition, it is possible to relieve the staff members and to concentrate their efforts on the main business functions. However, an unfortunate choice of provider can permanently discourage from repeating the outsourcing experience. Therefore, we decided to share a number of tips on how to make sure that the work with the software outsourcing contractor does not end in failure.

Choosing the outsource software development contractor

First of all, you should decide what kind of goals are you pursuing by turning to outsourcing development agencies and, based on this, formulate the clear criteria to be met by the potential contractor. If you plan to delegate a volumetric project, it might be worth considering a large, established partner instead of multi-sourcing. Such company is able solve the full range of the possible tasks on the same professional level. Also, be prepared for the fact that accurately calculating the required financial and time expenses, that are related to the operations’ development and optimization, tends to be quite difficult, if not impossible, at the early stages of the cooperation.

Having formulated the goals and objectives, you need to learn building an exclusively partnering relationship with a outsourcing software development company, because the continuity and profitability of your business, as well as the safety and security of your data, will depend heavily on their professionalism and efficiency. Therefore, the process of a contractor selection should not be hurried. Paying due attention to market analysis and communicating with various service providers, you will reduce the risk of negative cooperation experience. Try to collect as much information about potential partners as possible.


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Things to check primarily when choosing the software developer

  • Fields of knowledge, expertise and services range. Most of the established software outsourcing companies cherish their reputation and usually can provide a set of certifications that testify about what kinds of services their employees can perform and at what level. Check out the experience and qualifications of staff members, as well as the outsource software development company’s finished projects and commendations in order to understand exactly what problems they solve the most effectively, and how it relates to your needs.
  • Responsiveness and communicativeness. Satisfactory result of cooperation depends both on the tasks execution speed and responsiveness. Find out how the communication within the team goes; how fast they react to the addresses, correct the errors and look for the solutions.
  • The flexibility of the provided services. The extent to which the software development company can gather the unique set of services directed at the needs of each individual client and their scalability measure both the stability of the said company and the prospects of cooperation longevity.


Having selected the optimal contractor, pay due attention to the clearance of the contract and other documentation. The optimal solution would be hiring a lawyer who specializes in outsourcing; because they understand the specifics of such agreements, as well as how those or other items will be treated by the court if the need for lawsuit arises. Also, would not hurt to engage the consultants to register what services you need with maximum precision. Perhaps such features exist that significantly improve the final product, but you would not even think of.


Selecting a decent software outsourcing provider is not an easy task, and may take a significant period. Nevertheless, making an agreement with a professional and reliable outsourcing company, you will get partial insurance against failure of IT infrastructure, will be able to concentrate your employees on the quality execution of the core business functions, and get rid of unnecessary expenses.

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