B2B eCommerce platform for medical supplies companies

Product Overview

Client’s goals

The main goal of developing an eCommerce platform was to create a unique customer experience as it has always been the top Clients' priority. Online sales allow reaching new customers and increasing brand awareness.

One of the Client's aims was to process data properly and synchronize sales with the inventory programs. Jelvix’s developers successfully integrated the required programs. The Healthcare industry is a very competitive market and it is necessary to follow new technologies. It is a pleasure to know that customer service significantly reduced the queue's response time in the first year.



Stage 1: Discovery & Planning

Jelvix team started off by gathering and preparing it for the project planning stage. The Jelvix team has its approach proven by years of experience. Each department has rules and guidelines that help prepare and deliver quality analysis to avoid crucial mistakes in the future development process. At this stage, we established a standard view of the project and its future development.

Stage 2: UX design

Here we focused on technical eCommerce architecture. It was important to understand how Magento components could fit the Client’s business goals. We prepared wireframes for showing the look and usability of the entire store. Before development, it was crucial to understand how the checkout process, navigation, search, and other essential functionalities would work.

Stage 3: Development

At this stage of the project life cycle, all planned solutions became real features. Jelvix’s certified developers’ team created custom modules according to the unique requirements.

Stage 4: Magento2 integration

The initial request included the integration of the shop with the company’s current software. Developers successfully integrated the backend system with all necessary third-party software.

Stage 5: Testing

Before the project went live, the QA team in Jelvix provided unit testing for the eCommerce store to make sure that everything was working the way we had planned.

Stage 6: Support & Maintenance

Jelvix always offers support and maintenance, not only during project development. We are interested in our clients’ success and pass our maintenance by means of post-launch development, optimization, or performance monitoring. We stand our company as a trusted partner that is willing to be involved in long term cooperation.

Value Delivered

Choosing Magento 2 to develop an online eCommerce store for B2B became a perfect business solution, which provided the Client with new ways to sell products and an improved order fulfillment system. The customer care department can now create, edit, manage, and track products more easily than before. The system is automatically updated in case of any stock changes. Such improvements led to the optimization of time and efforts on manual labor processes and allowed to focus on other business goals. The Client’s company is committed to understanding each customers’ needs and building strong personal customer relationships. The new digital services give the company an opportunity to keep in mind the budgetary concerns in today's healthcare industry.


Project Results

Jelvix managed to realize the Client’s business needs into the B2B platform specialized in medical equipment. The Client’s company allows a user to buy necessary equipment in just two clicks with a very user-friendly navigation bar and shopping cart. Close cooperation between the Client and the developers’ team helped to exclude inaccuracy in the project’s workflow. The Jelvix team implemented all the necessary solutions in a short time. Thanks to new technologies, the Client emphasized relationships with long-term business partners while reducing the effort spent on transactions and other automated tasks. The new platform brought the client opportunities to expand his manufacturers' network and obtain new long-term contracts. There also was an increase in the count of medical equipment in different price categories. The company started introducing new trademarks and increased its scope of activities.

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