How to Create and Manage a Successful Company: Jelvix Story

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It may seem that starting a business is a tough process that nevertheless defines the company’s success. But this statement is far from the truth. Apart from the establishment itself, the rational management strategy, talented people, and a bit of luck are needed. Successful business tips of the company being reviewed in this article help pave a way to the top of the qualitative services and good revenue.

It all started with a small office of five people who worked on small projects for their acquaintances. Basically, it was a startup from scratch. Since then Jelvix have had its capacity increased up to fifteen times with the growing number of the quality projects. The company have also found and confidently occupied its niches – finances, logistics, and medicine. But to be successful in business means not only to get to the top but also to continue growing, so the company continues to develop in its niche and plans to seriously work on its own product.

 Business tips on values that successful company cultivates

What does it take to run a successful business? To answer the question, let’s dive into the qualities that Jelvix respects the most.

successful company values

  1.   Reliability. Every employee is conscious about aftermaths of their work and is ready to be responsible for it. The company cares about its long-term success, so everything is always planned ahead. Each worker is reliable, because every job gets done right on time, every employee is concerned about the company’s goals, property, and success as much as they do about their own.
  2.   Openness.  Every decision made within the company is based on the principles of honesty and openness. In the working process everyone provides only the full and reliable information that is necessary for achieving common goals. The trust is entirely deserved.
  3.   Development. The company independently finds and assimilates the necessary information to work out rational solutions, never slowing down the progress, never giving up on difficult challenges. Each company’s employee does everything it takes to get better and share new experience with the team from day to day. Everyone supplies others with constructive feedback and can process criticism to improve their skills.
  4.   Innovations. Original and unusual, yet effective solutions are applied daily with the use of the newest technologies to manage every process and to complete every task.
  5.   Team. Becoming a part of the team, each member takes the responsibility to be dedicated to it and to the common cause. The company shares principles of trust, politeness and mutual help. Everyone respects common values and team goals.
  6.   Diligence. Constant movement towards the goals achievement is in priority. The working process is constant, too: finishing one task, the company immediately takes on another or looks how to improve the current job. Everyone who takes part in the working process is ready to do their best in the shortest period of time to achieve the results to be proud of.

Find useful business tips in working process

To analyze how to achieve the best results most effectively, let’s find out how the company works and which processes it is running.

Before any process of development starts, the good analysis is needed. First of all, sales department collects all the necessary information and analyzes it within the current project. After that, a PM and a development team discuss the working process and set the deadline. Only then the project can be transferred to the PM department.

Business tips

Afterwards, the project team goes hard on planning, using Slack for communication and Jelvix Google Drive for project information storing. Speaking of digital tools, job organization also goes through Jira (for task tracking) and Scrum (for project organization). These tools are used during the whole work on the project, so everything remains strictly organized on each level. The planning itself includes:

  •        The development of user stories;
  •        The low-level specification outlining;
  •        Creating the Business Analyst Model . 

The next step is connected with Jelvix internal design processes. UX stage of the project results in wireframes while UI design is represented in Jelvix Marvel upon its completion. Finally, when the design of the future product is ready and accepted, we can move on to high-level specification writing. Only after that, contracts for project work (FP, T&M, 3F, ODDT) can be signed.

Work process

At this point, things come to the development process, which starts with the development contract signing. The best tools are used during the development stage: BitBucket for code storing (GitHub is optional, only if a client insists), Fabric for providing intermediate versions of software in development, also TestFlight for iOS and Google Play for Android are available, staging servers for providing intermediate versions of software for web products, and CI (Jenkins) for the automated installation of new versions of the software.

The final stage is, of course, the product testing. Jelvix provides testers for both manual and automatic testing, and one month warranty after the product release to eliminate all the defects. Usually, it takes an average of two to three weeks to do the testing (everything depends on the project’s scope and difficulty).


Learn more about six major points of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and review them in detail.

Successful business tips: dealing with difficulties

No business runs without great challenges, and our company is not an exception.

For example, the deficiency of qualified specialists and leaders is a big problem nowadays, but Jelvix somehow managed to find and bring to customers the highly qualified staff. The market is nearly empty, but thanks to the time-tested algorithms, the hiring process saves many customers’ time and gives the best results. Leaders are grown inside the company, which eliminates the demand to hire managers from outside the company. People work hard, master, and develop skills to allow the processes to be qualitative, effective, and highly productive.

Also, the customers’ lack of knowledge is a common issue on the today’s market. We had to deal with similar situations in the past, at the beginning of our existence. It is always important to find a way to deal with a problem and offer as many solutions as possible to finally gain important experience and never call that a problem again.

Successful business tips

Still, one of the best business management tips is consulting. Customer’s education is important, and we know that like nobody else. The common situation is when the client does not exactly know what they want – they have the idea and a big lack of the technical knowledge. In such situations the company provides qualitative consultations on every stage of the working process, helps to choose the right technologies and explains pros and cons of each of them.

Achievements that proved these successful business tips right

  1.   Viral Vet. Viral Vet started from the simple customer’s idea to create a network for vets so they can exchange their experience, clinical situations, or advise the colleagues about something. After the first version was done, the cooperation was prolonged, and the improvement work still goes on to fulfill the customer’s demands and realize both their and company’s ideas, also reacting to users’ feedback.
  2.   SwitchBack. The main concept was to create an application for physiotherapists and their patients for interactive treatment with keeping all of the data in one safe place. It may be considered as an outsource project with three developers and one PM engaged in the realization process. As a result, a mobile app, a web application, a website, and an administration panel were built, and the client received the stable effective product.
  3.   VRG. Firstly, that project came as an outsourced one, too. The main concept was the monitoring system of the patients’ treatment care. Before contacting the company, the client already had an admin panel and a file upload option – no more, no less. After the development team worked on this project, the customer received an all-inclusive, universal medical CRM with chats, microprograms, ability to upload and analyze files and many other helpful features. The job that was done with this project saved the client’s time, automatized lots of the processes and even attracted investors for the future product development.
  4. Recently, we have been honoured by the Awwwards website!


Conclusion Our story is a good example of how to do the hard work, and how to combine important values and strict organization into a successful business project. We hope someone will extract some successful business tips from this article and create something truly new and inspiring. Anyway, an experience of one company and its developers can be a good motivation to start with.  

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