How to Make Your App Successful: 4 Tips for Your Business

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Look out of the window, there is 21st century outside. It dictates its own rules, and we accept them willingly. Сould you believe 20 years ago that you will have a wireless phone with alarm clock, phone book, photo album, camera and a lot of useful things in it? Nowadays there are things called the Applications. There are applications for whatever you need and they offer everything you want. If you have any operating system, you will always find an application for entertainment. It does not matter whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows Phone or others.

Most of applications are created for communication, support and promotion of your business. And how can we make a really popular application that will help businesses and won`t drown in the digital ocean, dragging along on the bottom of the budget allocated for the creation of applications and at the same time – your business?

Let us prevent you from failure

First of all, you have to think about it, then think much better and create at last a very good app! Really cool! You should be proud of it and users as well as your potential customers will appreciate it.

So, if you want your app to be successful, we will tell you few secrets to avoid most common mistakes.

  • Don’t forget that you develop a mobile application. Smartphones have a tiny screen size compared to desktop displays. Users must see the most important information, don’t overload screens with lot of information and images, be conservative, keep focus on the data that you want to stand out.
  • Don’t mistake meanings of mobile application and mobile version of the website. These are absolutely different things.
  • Many applications have been downloaded and used only once or at most for a couple of days. Concentrate on keeping the users of your application with you, so they come back again and again. While planning and developing your application you should clearly answer the question: How? When? What for? Understanding the answers to these questions will create a truly successful product. The reason to go back to the application can be various: interesting information, new product release, reminding you of things or received letters or news, if you are creating a game – the information about the activity of your friends and their results.
  • Never forget about your app users, or they will forget about you! Let them send you a feedback, communicate with people, and you’ll learn a lot of useful information. Your users can absolutely free prompt you how to make your application better and what you should pay attention to, fix or make better.

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Now let’s talk about how to promote your app and make it stand out from the crowd. Here we have prepared a number of free and successful marketing steps for you.

  • The success of the application depends on those reviews, which users will leave. It is very important! Reviews of your app won’t let you drown. It is important that these people have downloaded the application and left a positive, but an objective and impersonal review. Do not forget that the application should be really good, or bad reviews will appear instantly and will ruin your rating.
  • Actively use social networks. Give users the ability to post on their pages the results of their work with your application! If you promote the game, give people the opportunity to post results they scored or invite their friends, give some bonus for sharing. If you come with software to help people at home or work – give them public access for collaboration.
  • You must be keen to bring your application to the right audience. Don’t be afraid to communicate with the press and bloggers, tell people on the street about the uniqueness or usefulness of your product, offer, show it wherever you can! Create your own blog. And most importantly – don’t be shy to take the initiative! After all, you offer a really worthwhile thing!

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment, to try and ask for advice.


Know your audience. Perhaps they don’t need this kind of application.
The application must be user-friendly. When designing think about usability and customers needs.
Examine the application’s competitors. Perhaps the experience of others can help avoid mistakes or inspire with some ideas.
Put clear objectives. The app should help you to achieve certain goals, don’t try to make a swiss knife.
Order creating applications from professionals. They can give a valuable advice or prevent you from doing things that shouldn’t be done. Let them help you reach your goals. This might sound strange, but you can save your money hiring professionals.
Promote the application in all possible ways, anytime, anywhere.
Actively use social networks, post, share, order advertising.
Analyze all the feedback received from users and let them feel that you hear them and are doing your best to make your app better.

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