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Jelvix empowers healthcare providers with innovative solutions that automate processes, improve treatment outcomes and the patient experience, and reduce costs.

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Innovative technology provides healthcare services and solutions like personalized medicine, diagnostics, telemedicine, e-prescribing, and more. Jelvix helps you stay ahead of others in the healthcare market with the following consulting and engineering services focused on patients:

  • Health monitoring and diagnosis solutions
  • Medical records management solutions
  • Patient & insured member monitoring
  • Healthcare service payment solutions
  • Life science software solutions
  • Data security for healthcare providers
  • Clinical trials management solutions
  • Integration with claims management systems

Technology innovations change the way healthcare providers interact with their patients. Savvy medical providers use technology to provide medical services more cost-effectively. By harnessing engineering power, you can automate processes to improve both the speed and quality of medical services. Use our expertise to optimize everything from patients’ data management to medical insurance and more.

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Healthcare Application Development

  1. Increase patient loyalty

    Adopting digital solutions that optimize your lab, diagnostics, treatment, and tracking processes help you provide better care coordination. And when you improve patient care, you transform patient engagement, resulting in better patient outcomes.

  2. Optimize medical record data

    Get valuable insights from data across several platforms in a single dashboard with cutting-edge medical software development. Jelvix gives healthcare providers and hospitals innovative solutions to access your patients’ medical record data from anywhere and at any time.

  3. Protect your sensitive patient data

    Harness the security of all patient data with healthcare app development focused on global health information security regulations. You get medical software development guaranteed to comply with security and privacy standards.

  4. Get better health management results

    Partner with a healthcare software development company to get software solutions that support communication between doctors, patients, medication suppliers, labs, and others. Better interaction provides improved health management results.

  5. Harness powerful analytics platforms

    Use the massive volume of data at your fingertips from CRMs, clinical trials, and other digital sources. Analyze and predict the likelihood of cancer or other diseases. Make better treatment decisions and offer more personalized medicine.


Get the Healthcare Software Development You Need

Healthcare industry solutions

  • Data management solutions for hospitals and clinics
  • Medical CRM development
  • Big data solutions for healthcare
  • Healthcare mobile app development
  • Smart healthcare systems development
  • Telemedicine

Healthcare technology domains

  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Data science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • VR and AR
  • IoT

Transform Patient Care and Outcomes with a Three-step Process

  • Consulting

    Our team offers consulting services for you, your staff, and partners. We will provide suggestions for disruptive technologies that will enhance patient care, boost patient egangement, and help you.

  • Software Development

    Your healthcare software solution rests on a foundation of innovative engineering and technology integrated with your legacy infrastructure. Get mobile apps, software platforms, and more that streamline patient communication, care, and tracking.

  • Research & Development Centers

    You get an in-house team of research and development experts to help you transform your organization with innovative solutions. Take advantage of our R&D centers to help you provide better services, automate manual processes, optimize patient care and coordination, and save money.

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