How to Find a Blockchain Developer?

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Nowadays, the demand for blockchain developers is so high and most of the companies spend much time trying to find and hire experienced programmers for their projects. The Upwork freelancing platform informs that the demand for such experts, including developers, engineers, and ICO consultants, increased by 35% over the past year. Outsourcing companies report that the number of clients wishing to hire blockchain developers grew by 700% since January 2017, and experience with blockchain is required in 40% of all development positions.

Ways to find blockchain developers: key facts

The need for blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists currently is an all-time high. As we have already mentioned, many large companies face the issue of how to find blockchain developers, and it is not an easy task.


Actually, there is a wide range of various specialists working in the sphere of cryptocurrency and blockchain – project managers, software and web developers, data analysts and others. Analysts are especially popular as they devise strategies, especially required are those related to investments. The other popular group is developers that create software solutions, web platforms, and various systems. There are also mining engineers, journalists, financial experts, consultants, etc. The most specific professions associated with blockchain are:

  • Blockchain engineer (a person with extensive programming experience in such languages as C/C++, Go or Java);
  • Blockchain developer (a person who has sufficient experience in web development as well as in creating desktop applications);
  • Smart contract developer (a web developer who has experience in programming based on JavaScript or Python).

These specialties can be associated with existing technologies but, in some cases, their representatives are engaged in the creation of new systems, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain-founded solutions. Analysis says that blockchain developers need to have knowledge of Java, Golang, C, C++, C# and similar programming languages.

In search of experienced developers: important skills

If we talk about programming languages, C++ is especially important for blockchain developers. The smaller part is created with Java. However, experts say that chains of transaction blocks can be created using almost any language. C++ is popular due to the unprecedented performance of software created on its base and widest capabilities for the creation of functional. Knowledge of algorithms and higher mathematics is also an important factor, as blockchain solutions often involve complex calculations and cryptography.

smart contracts technologies

Great value has the practical experience of development using such languages as Golang and Java, as well as C#. The blockchain is a communion of existing technologies, providing the new, completely unique properties and colossal prospects for various blockchain products. Experience with distributed databases can also be quite useful.

The rapidly developing blockchain sphere gradually adjusts the list of skills that are in demand in the modern labor market. Nowadays, a specialist can benefit from knowledge in the field of applied cryptography.

Where to find and hire a blockchain developer?

Top channels for recruiting blockchain specialists are:

  • Middle and senior developers in Java, C/C++, Go, Python and Rust;
  • Professional blockchain developers;
  • Thematic meetings and events;
  • Thematic forums and resources – Stack Overflow, GitHub, LinkedIn;
  • Universities.

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Trusted methods may not work or why common headhunting is not a good choice

The blockchain is a young industry and there are still a few experienced developers available for hire. The first thing that comes to mind is to hire away a candidate from another blockchain developers company. However, evaluate the possible risks: many startups are engaged in non-essential projects, and candidates hurry to write a tempting word “blockchain” in their CV, when not possessing the necessary skills.

Headhunting abroad may not be too profitable. By luring a person from overseas, you will have to pay them higher than the average market pay.

Hiring blockchain developers: professional events

The professional blockchain community is actively developing: regular meetings and events are held around the year. Now everyone in the community knows each other and understands what others are able for; this is one of the liveliest and most promising channels for finding the right person. The large group of talented developers cannot be found on job search sites: but still, they must be met and interviewed personally.


Let's discuss which IT outsourcing trends will change the industry.

Outsourcing is your best choice

Working on a separate task, you can turn to an outsourcing blockchain development company that has an experience in the smart contracts creation. The main advantage of this method is the struggle for status and rating. In conditions of high competition on the outsourcing market, companies strive to provide the highest possible quality of services. Additionally, you get an experienced team, motivated personnel, and great project management services.

Blockchain solutions

It is worth noting that this method is a good choice for long-term projects. The outsourcing company carries out not only the development of the project but also its monitoring, testing, correction of possible errors and maintain the stable operation.

We strove to provide tips on how to find blockchain developers. Of course, it’s up to you which option to choose but the standing truth is that outsourcing companies still are the best choice. An experienced team of blockchain developers cannot be collected easily while outsourcing company has great specialists ready, both hired and trained in-house. So feel free to address real professionals and you will surely get the expected result. Contact us today and discover our expertise and services offered.

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