Healthcare Software Development

Trusted healthcare software development services since 2010. Over 50 successful projects in the domain. ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001, 27701 certified.

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  • Customize the software to meet organizational needs and compliance requirements with digitized services
  • Embed advanced analytics and intelligence to achieve superior results in any market environment
  • Ensure a secure clinical data flow and proper software interoperability
  • Improve patient outcomes and personalized care by implementing IoT technologies
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Healthcare IT Services We Deliver

  • We develop custom healthcare solutions, utilizing innovative technologies to address healthcare providers' and consumers' unique challenges.
  • Healthcare Analytics and Reporting
    We implement healthcare analytics tools and data mining algorithms to enable insightful analysis and processing of medical data, improving clinical practices.
  • Jelvix empowers patients with user-friendly and secure mobile applications, with access to medical information, appointment scheduling, health monitoring, and convenient interaction with healthcare providers.
  • Third-Party Systems Integration
    Our team seamlessly integrates new apps and platforms with your legacy infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and future scalability for effortless medical practice development.
  • Software Modernization
    Jelvix helps improve legacy healthcare applications, integrate existing applications, consolidate operational and patient data, upgrade information security safeguards, and ensure industry compliance.
  • Secure Cloud Storage
    We ensure fast, reliable, and secure analysis and processing of confidential patient data through our HIPAA-compliant cloud storage backed by robust encryption protocols and administrative control.

Healthcare IT Solutions We Offer

Virtual Care
  • Telehealth software
  • Virtual health applications
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Home health & wellness solutions
  • mHealth solutions
  • Remote patient monitoring
Interoperability, data & analytics
  • EHR/EMR systems
  • Mobile EHR
  • Data management software
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Healthcare CRM
  • CPOE systems
Workflow automatization & digitization
  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Continued medical education platforms
  • Hospital inventory management
  • Medical practice management
  • Physician portals
  • Pharmaceutical automation solutions
Digital Front Door & Patient Engagement
  • Online patient registration
  • Patient portals
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • Patient education platforms
  • Secure communication tools for patients and healthcare providers
  • Personal health record (PHR) systems
  • Patient satisfaction surveys and feedback tools

Securing Healthcare Software Development

  • Compliance with Industry Regulations
    At Jelvix, we prioritize regulatory compliance in healthcare software development. Our team ensures that all solutions adhere to industry regulations and standards, including ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. We meticulously protect processed data and software to guarantee compliance with security and privacy standards.
  • Secure Access and Data Protection
    We ensure software security and compliance through manual and automated audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration testing. Our cloud storage infrastructure strictly adheres to international regulations, data protection requirements, and corporate standards, guaranteeing a secure environment for your valuable data.
  • Elimination of Potential Limitations
    Security is paramount in our software development life cycle. We prioritize safe coding practices, thorough code reviews, and regular security assessments to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities. Our healthcare software solutions are always secure and reliable.
  • Comprehensive Security Support
    Our healthcare IT support team employs various methods, including penetration testing, to identify and address security vulnerabilities. The combination of these tests guarantees that your healthcare software is robust and well-protected against potential threats.

Reasons to Choose Jelvix

Our strategic IT partnership focuses on maximizing value, fostering trust, and cultivating long-term business relationships.

Effective collaboration

We excel in adapting to changing requirements and implementing additional features while carefully analyzing their impact on the software's business logic.

Value-oriented approach

Our custom software engineering and consultancy services provide clients with practical solutions to overcome business challenges, resulting in measurable value and tangible outcomes.

On-time project delivery

Our team possesses the flexibility to scale up to meet costs and timelines, assessing multiple factors such as software and technology stack complexity, required integrations, the chosen deployment model, etc.

Transparent communication and reporting

Ensuring transparency throughout the project development, we provide a clear vision of the process and progress. It ensures efficient collaboration, accountability, and timely decision-making.

Industry-experienced team

Our team possesses deep expertise in the healthcare domain. Their valuable insights and guidance are instrumental in driving the success of your healthcare projects and propelling your business to new heights.

Flexible scaling

Scale development capacity is available on demand to support your growing development portfolio. You get access to a talent pool of over 50 healthcare specialists.

Our Clients' Reviews


  • Are your healthcare software development services in line with HIPAA regulations?

    We prioritize safeguarding health information and adhere to stringent privacy and security regulations, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA. Our commitment to encryption ensures the utmost security for your healthcare systems, guaranteeing full compliance with all relevant laws.

  • What is AI-enabled healthcare development?

    AI has been a game-changer in healthcare, transforming clinical decision support, patient care, medical interventions, and the Internet of Medical Things. At Jelvix, a leading medical software company, we harness AI to build sophisticated solutions that turn complex medical data into accessible, actionable insights.

  • How is your healthcare software development service different from others?

    Working with Jelvix means having a reliable technology partner to handle the technical aspects while you focus on your business strategy. Our healthcare software development services stand out due to our commitment to innovation, close collaboration with clients, and strict compliance with industry regulations. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide tailored strategies that propel healthcare evolution while safeguarding your data.

  • How can I trust the quality of your work?

    Sticking to the industry's gold standards, we employ thorough testing methods to spot and squash any bugs. Plus, with our clear-cut communication and frequent progress reports, you'll always be in the loop and play an active role in the development process.

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